What are the definite signs of a twin flame?


It has been over three years since we found each other and every waking day I remember the first time I met him and the unexpected events that followed. We were both in awe of each other. TWIN FLAME CHASER RULE BOOK

We had suffered so much in our previous relationships — we both had dysfunctional issues and we never seemed to be content with anyone or anything until we met. We relaxed — we found home in each other. From thereon, it was us against the world. The Dark Night of the Soul: Twin Flame Spiritual Awakening Process

Now that we are in separation, I miss the simplicity of our connection. We are always effortlessly in love. We heal each other in a profound way because we open up about our deepest desires and darkest fears to each other without any resistance. Authentic Truths only Twin Flames Know: Are you new?

With him I feel at peace — I relax within myself because I feel safe with him. I feel unhurried — I am always in a place of trust and unconditional love. I feel content. I feel when complete because he is the missing piece of the puzzle of my life. Twin Flame Awakening Phase

Our connection was not sexual — I was unhappily married and he respected that. It did not stop us from being each other’s best friend, guardian, protector, partner in crime etc.


We have mutual respect for each other. We are both givers in our relationship and when we are together, we blossom because we balance each other. We can anticipate each other’s feelings therefore sharing gifts is easy for us because we always know what the other needs. Are you asking about any of these questions about your Twin Flame?

We also can tune into each other’s thoughts — sometimes we say the same phrases, guess what the other is thinking, or complete each other’s sentences effortlessly.

We fill in each other’s gaps so perfectly and magically naturally. Twin Flame Chaser Healing; Free your Soul.

One thing that took me aback when I first met him was the uncanny familiarity. I kept wondering to myself; “Where have I seen him before?” When we talked, our conversations were endless because it felt like we were picking up from where we left. It felt like I have always known him for as long as I remember.

So many realizations I have registered and every day I learn something new. Twin Flame Love Lessons


Stay Blessed!

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