How can you be sure that someone is your twin flame and not because you want them to be?


This person’s face haunts you; even though you consciously block out any thoughts about him or her, you feel an uncontrollable magnetic pull towards him or her.

Meeting a Twin Flame is not all roses and sunshine — he or meets you when you assume that you are happy even though your life situation is not perfect. Daily, you work to support yourself and your family. You have hopes and dreams for a better future. The Simple Self-love Book

You could be married or single — this persons walks into your life and right away you know it within you that he or she is going to change your life forever. You also worry that some changes might be chaotic and destablizing.

Meeting a Twin Flame is meeting a stranger and you feel like you have known him or her all your life — you want to know more of him or her. You are so curious about their childhood, family, relations and their personal life. Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

You both have mutual magnetic pull towards each other: It is not sexual — it is a sacred bond that is deeper than any connection you ever felt. It feels like all the feelings and connections you had with other people are merged into one and it would still not describe the Twin Flame bond.

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    One day, I was sitting across in a corner watching him from across the room and I saw myself. His awkwardness, the flaws, and his beauty reminded me of the insecurities that I needed to work on within me.

    I have loved before but I know that I will never love anyone else as much as I love him. I feel safe with him — somehow all the broken parts within me come together. I feel whole and content. He brings me joy and hope. With him I know that I can achieve my wildest dreams because I feel complete. The Life of an Empath Twin Flame: Shifting Perspectives

    One of the blessings of the Twin Flame journey is that once you settle into your authentic self after going through the changes and transformation processes, life becomes more meaningful. You start to unlock your blessings. Your energy is vibrant and colorful that it attracts abundance and success in everything that you set your mind on. You have tenacity and hope to pursue a better life because you understand yourself better. 15 Authentic Truths ONLY Twin Flames Know

    Self-love teaches you lessons of unconditional love — you can only love others better if you love yourself enough. Love must unconditionally overflow from you onto others naturally and effortlessly. You are the source of love. It is your true nature. Your authentic self.

    Once you rediscover your authentic self, you feel empowered to transform your life life situation in alignment with your new-found self. 20 Signs A Twin Flame Misses You


    You purge anything and anyone who does not bring you joy. You simplify your daily routines, you honor your choices and preferences, and embark on a journey of creating a meaningful life.

    At the end of it all, you reallize that you have the power to choose a reunion or not with your Twin Flame. A reunion with a Twin Flame is the Icing on the cake. Insightful Answers Twin Flame Runner Questions

    When you choose to pursue a reunion with a Twin Flame, it is another process or re-aligning the physical aspect of your relationship. You go through a series of preparation: You might need to move continents to be together.

    The process of a harmonious relationship might require one of you learn each other’s customs and traditions or even convert to each other’s religions. Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy for Beginners

    There are certain things that you will learn about each other as go on with life like any other normal relationship. You will have to surmount more obstacles together.

    All that matters is that you keep honoring your bond no matter the obstacles; you keep being honest with each other. Keep a healthy way of communication. And also respect each other’s boundaries and individuality. Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

    Life is tough enough as it is but a Twin Flame makes everything feel al right.


    Stay Blessed.

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