Why did God punish me so hard with loneliness for running away from my twin flame?


The general assumption is that Twin Flame runners are happy without their divine partner but that is not the case. It is indeed true that it feels like you are being punished with loneliness and helplessness.

The worst situation is when you have no one to confide in — being the runner is very frustrating because even though you run into relationships, you still think of your Twin Flame and you dream of him or her every day.

I have learned from my previous running experiences that running does not mean that you are running away from your partner, it means that you are running away from certain parts of yourself.

You try to hide your pain behind new relationships. You adopt different habit like drinking alcohol and using other drugs to numb the pain. Nothing ever works.

The runner has to confront themselves before he or she finds their way back to you.


Stay Blessed!

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