Is there any way to shorten the twin flame separation?


Unfortunately, there is no detour or shortcuts when it comes to the Twin Flame journey. You have to go through all the experiences for your growth and transformation. The separation phase can drag on for as long as it takes without any of your control.

If you indeed believe that you have met your Twin Flame and then you are going through the separation, worry not. It is a blessing in disguise.

You cannot delay the emotional work that you need to do so that you are free of your past emotional hurts and baggage. This process takes a while — self-rediscovery is a slow gradual process.

Here are some inevitable phases that you must accept with an open heart: You cannot delay the inevitable.

  • Self-love and Self-rediscovery: You will eventually find your authentic self but you have to first go through the uncomfortable awkward phases of shedding your ego and unlearning bad old habits that do not serve you any good. You will be required to go deep within yourself to embrace every part of you. Self-love sheds light on the darkest parts of your Soul. You no longer need to hide from parts of yourself that you thought were unlovable.
  • Healing and Recovery: The healing phase is the most blissful yet challenging stage of all. For you to finally arrive at the blissful stage, you have to first purge all your pain. You cry and wail your pain away if you have core wounding or a hurting inner child. You crawl through the dark night of the soul. You shed any emotional pain that exists within you. When you come out of this trying stage, you recover. You have a paradigm shift — you want to match your life situation with your new-found boosted energetic vibration.

Submit to your Twin Flame process — this is the easiest way to enjoy the separation phase.

Stay Blessed!

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