What is the realization that brings your twin flame back as a chaser?


Your Twin Flame never leaves you; you always feel their essence with you all the time. A Twin Flame separation is an illusion.

You realize that no matter how much time passes without seeing a Twin Flame, you feel the energetic oneness.

When a Twin Flame is coming back to you, you feel it. You feel inner harmony. You feel the same way you felt when you just met.

You also stop worrying about the separation phase and you focus on preparing yourself for their return.

If you feel unready to see your Twin Flame again, it is a sign that you still have blockages to clear within yourself.

Love is love. A Twin Flame eventually returns because how they feel for you is uncontrollable. They come back to you because you are their home.

No matter how far you travel, home is always best.


Stay Blessed!

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