How significant is the Twin Flame eye contact?


Eye contact is the most significant means of communication between Twin Flames because you don’t need words to show each other how special you are to each other. 

When I speak with my Twin Flame, I always look in his eyes, and we end up finishing each other’s sentences we know what the other is thinking by looking in each other’s eyes. Surrender: How to free your Soul.

Sometimes don’t say much to each other but instead stare into each other’s eyes but we both feel understood. 

During the physical separation phase, our relationship became estranged because we could not communicate properly through the phone or emails since we were both used to looking into each other’s eyes. Twin Flame Telepathy 101

When you look in your Twin Flame’s eyes, you see the truth of their soul. You see them for who they are and you also see yourself in them because your Twin Flame is your mirror.

The eyes are indeed the window to the soul. Audible makes life easier: send a Free Trial gift to those you love to listen to their favorite books.


Stay Blessed!

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