What is the shortest path to a twin flame union?


Surrender did it for me! I reached a point when I did not want anything to do with the Twin Flame process. I was exhausted from chasing him.

At this point, I did not care if he returned or not — I did not care if we reunited. All I wanted was inner peace and some feeling of normal.

I could not control the mood swings, the feelings of restlessness, I felt helpless because I was naive about how the Twin Flame dynamic works.

Here are the different ways I surrendered and found inner peace:

Surrender to yourself

I feel like this is a very challenging phase yet it seems like it is simple.


For me, when it came to embracing Self-love, I struggled with it. To my dismay, I was shocked because I thought that I was doing okay in the self-esteem department. It turns out, Self-love is an inward journey; it has nothing to do with how others see you.

For me, self love was a crash course that I took to learn about every inch of myself. This phase was scary — I was not ready to face all of me.

Indeed there were parts of myself that I knew were fake or did not belong — I had mastered a way of living life and doing things that made other people happy but I was sad and lonely on the inside.

I felt abandoned and alone. I felt empty. My life felt meaningless because I did not feel any passion to do anything interesting.

When I look back and analyze my old self, I feel like I lived every day trying to please other people in everything that I did. The most ironic thing is that I never felt like I was appreciated or acknowledged.

The Twin Flame encounter triggered the process of self-rediscovery for me.

Over these three years, I have traveled to places within myself and I feel like it is only the beginning.

When you start integrating the different parts of yourself, it is the beginning of a Twin Flame Union.


When you get to the point I am at, you will understand what I mean.

Your blessings start unfolding effortlessly. Your life takes a detour — you embark on a journey of finding meaningful life prospects. You start unlocking your gifts.

You believe in your blessings.

Stay Blessed!

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