Is it considered chasing if you just think about your twin flame?


Thoughts of a Twin Flame comfort you. It is as natural as breathing thinking of a Twin Flame 24/7. He or she is always on your mind. A Twin Flame’s face is the the last thing that you see before you close your eyes. You are consumed by the memories that you shared during the brief moments of your encounter.

Resisting thoughts of a Twin Flame from my experiences does not go well. I always feel like I am hiding from certain aspects of myself. I feel like I am resisting a normal part of me.

In fact, when you embrace memories of your Twin Flame in a positive way, you do not feel alone during the separation phase. You feel motivated to go through the most trying moments like the night of the soul.

After having gone from the runner to the chaser and then a runner, I learned that it sounds twisted but running feels like you are holding on to your old self and your old life — values, relationships, beliefs, conditioning, etc.


When you chase a Twin Flame on the other hand, it feel like you are running from yourself. You think that having constant affirmations from your Twin Flame will save you from the pain that you feel within.

I also believe that if you resist any part of your Twin Flame experiences — thinking of him or her is like you are denying your desires which defeats the purpose of working towards your hopes and dreams.

If you love someone, embrace your feelings; dream of him or her, allow yourself to send love every time you think of them. Dream of having a Harmonious reunion with your Twin Flame because you desire it with all your heart.

Let yourself be pulled into the love connection because it is meant to be. It is indeed a blessing to feel connected to a Twin Flame.


Stay Blessed!

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