How I can forget my twin flame? I feel tense and nervous because we are not together.


When I felt like this, I ran from him because I felt uneasy, restless, uncomfortable, and lonely without him in my life. My life situation only became worse.

There were moments when I waited for his return; I anticipated, and had very high expectations. I assumed that our encounter would be like the previous relationships I have been through before. I was very naive about the whole Twin Flame phenomenon.

I was constantly disappointed every time I chased him. I chose to block him instead. It did not work.

Every time I tried to forget him so that I could move on with my life, he would either prematurely pop back into my life for no reason or I would be pulled into the connection so intensely that it made me feel lovesick all day. I felt like there was no escaping him even though I was sleeping, I could dream of him. I felt haunted by the connection and our shared energy.

Sometimes when I almost lost all hope, I felt cursed; I wished that I had never met him.

Whether I believed in the Twin Flame phenomenon or not, our encounter had triggered so many changes within me and my life situation.


No matter what I tried to do to bring back my old life, I could not control the changes. Whenever I tried to resist feeling the connection and going through the changes, I felt more emotional pain. I felt more hopeless.

I got to a point when I needed to accept the changes and flow with my new life situation. I had to choose to figure out the answers to my problems instead of waiting for my Twin Flame to come save me and my life situation.

Either way, I could not go back to my previous life situation and changing became the only constant in my life.

This is the happiest I have ever felt. I feel like my Twin Flame saved me; he walked into my life when I needed a guardian, a protector, a best friend, a parent, a sibling, an angle, etc — all these things in one person.

He inspired me to have a paradigm shift; to see myself and my life situation in a new light. A veil was lifted.

I learned that I was the answer to all my problems. I held the cards and the power to solve any problematic puzzles starting with finding my authentic self.

My life changed forever for the best!


Stay Blessed!

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