Is there anything unforgivable between twin flames? I recently lashed out at my twin and told him the most awful things. I’m terrified he will never forgive me.


I know what you mean! I believe that Twin Flame fights differ from couple to couple and some people never go through any phases of friction or stress because they are both at the same growth wavelength.

I thought that he would never forgive me; I was very harsh and cruel to him when I attempted to run away from him. I used mean words to explain my frustrations yet he was as much of a victim as I was. I regret that day when I emailed him — When I attempted to apologize to him, I told him that I could have used better ways to express myself to him but it all came out wrong.

It is very ironic but it is the deep intense Twin Flame love that causes the friction between lovers because you do not know yet how to embrace your connection.

When I ran from my Twin Flame, it was basically because I was afraid of confronting the deep chaotic emotions that our encounter had woken within me. It was not his fault that I was not ready to feel all the emotions.


We all make mistakes — I told my Twin Flame that I am very horrible with being human.

I have always taken up any opportunity to apologize to him.

I believe that anything is forgivable as long as you are both willing to work through it.

Stay Blessed!

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