What can a twin flame chaser do to make the runner come back?


You will grow and change — you will both drift away from each other. So many circumstances will change you Spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

You will evolve. (Transformation Tips for a Union)

You might even marry someone and settle down after exhausting your chaser experiences. You settle for less than that deep potent natural connection. You sacrifice your love for each other. (Twin Flames vs Soulmates)

Just when you believe that it is over, he or she pops up back into your life to disrupt your harmony.


The madness — the cycle starts all over again.

Neither of you can let each other be because you feel the invisible bond — a thread pulling you towards each other. You feel compelled to feel the closeness of each other. Chaser Surrender Tips

There is nothing that you can do to bring the runner back. (Runner Return Signs)

Stay blessed!

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