Why do I suddenly feel disconnected from my twin flame? Does it mean that he’s not my TF?


It is very normal to feel this way — Feeling connected to a Twin Flame can change depending on your emotional status and psychological well-being.

I always feel disconnected from within especially if I am going through the following experiences:

* An inner resistance to feeling the connection

When I feel uninspired to keep moving forward on my journey, I sometimes try to resist thinking of him. I try to block thoughts of him. I try to push any memories of us in the back of my mind. Simple ways to Surrender


When I do this, I automatically feel disconnected. I also feel uninspired to do anything creative. I feel disconnected not only from within but I also feel disconnected from everyone around me.

* Negative Energy

When I am vibrating in lower energetic frequencies, I feel blocked from feeling the connection. I always feel helpless and restless at the same time. I feel unhinged — I automatically feel a disconnect from within. It usually takes me a few series of meditation or I take alone time in solitude to shift myself from a negative vibration to a positive vibration.

Stay Blessed!

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