Once a twin flame male has had tantric/soul sex with his female twin, can he still have physical sex with his karmic partner or will he feel affected by it?


I feel like Twin Flame soul merging is non-stop and always effortlessly graduates to higher levels of Soul intimacy. At least this is how I feel every day.

You do not need to be in the same room with a Twin Flame to feel astral orgasms — it is a natural experience that happens to me every time I feel Soul intimacy with him. It always feels like our Souls make love to each other continuously. Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy 101

When I experienced soul intimacy — astral orgasms, my perspective on love, sex, and relationships changed.

I now see and feel as a Spiritual being going through a human condition. Twin Flame Red Flags


I feel more fulfilled; A Spiritual connection to my Twin Flame fills the void within that a physical connection does not.

It is indeed true that Soul intimacy also changes how you relate to your karmic partner or soulmate.

No one touches your Soul as deeply as your Twin Flame does. No one will ever make you feel as unconditionally love but a Twin Flame.

Change how you see things and the things you see will dramatically change. Tips on how to manage Twin Flame Separation.


Stay Blessed!

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