Even when our twin flame is with a karmic partner, do they still keep thinking about us?


All the time — thinking of a Twin Flame is non-stop 24/7. Sometimes when you try to block thoughts of him or her, you feel like you are denying yourself a natural aspect of yourself. It feels like you are holding your breath.

Even though I sometimes successfully manage to push thoughts of him to the back of my mind, I see a sign or run into someone who resembles him or has the same mannerisms as my Twin Flame.

When I also block thoughts of my Twin Flame, I feel disconnected within — which also affects my energetic vibration. It also affects my mood — I feel disconnected from everything and everyone around me. I find doing creative tasks very challenging when this happens.


I met my Twin Flame when I was still married and I felt guilty for emotionally cheating on my husband. I am not the cheating type therefore I knew that disconnection or separation would be healthy for everyone.

You have to respect your karmic partner as much as you respect yourself and your Twin Flame. Just because you find your divine partner does not mean that every love connection was a lie. Everyone you have loved in your life has been a block to creating the person that you are.

Emotional maturity, unconditional empathy, and total understanding are existentially needed when you run into a married Twin Flame.

Whether you are with someone else or not, you always remember a Twin Flame.

Stay Blessed!

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