What does it mean when you start to see people that resemble your twin flame (sometimes identically) during separation?


The Universe keeps reminding you of your Twin Flame everywhere you go. You see signs and numbers — especially his or her birthday digits on clocks, tv screens, etc.

Here are the reasons why I see people resembling my Twin Flame when I do:

  • When I try to put up an inner resistance to feeling the connection, I start getting reminders of my Twin Flame. When I try to block thoughts of him or try to run from him, I run into people who look like him.
  • I also see signs, numbers, and people who look like him when he is about to contact me or reach out. I start feeling as if he is already physically with me.
  • Sometimes when ianyone who looks like him, I smile. I automatically know that he is thinking of me. I always say a prayer when I see anything or anyone who looks like him.

Stay Blessed!

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