Why is it that when someone shows interest in me, I miss my twin flame more? I have surrendered and not chasing union anymore, rather open to all possibilities.


I perfectly know what you mean. I feel like we should start preaching this to every Twin Flame newbie. The goal is to find inner harmony and balance even though you miss your Twin Flame.

There will never be a day when every aspect of your journey is clear — all you have to focus on is learning to live with your Twin Flame condition as you grow to the authentic version of yourself that freely embodies unconditional love.

When you finally overcome the emotional chaos of the Twin Flame process, you reach a point of rest. You know that deep within, you are the source of your happiness and not your Twin Flame partner.

As you learn to embody the shared Twin Flame energy that grows within you every day, you also accept that you will always feel your Twin Flame with you everywhere you go. You begin to accept that you cannot control the course of your Twin flame process.


When you fully accept that the Twin Flame journey is within you, you begin to focus on yourself and you do not care whether a reunion with a Twin Flame happens sooner or not.

It is also very true that when you finally reach the stage of inner union, you attract abundance, success, and happiness. Your new energetic vibration also attracts potential suitors or dates.

Even though you have an influx of successful potential suitors, you always miss a Twin Flame and everyone reminds you of how much you miss him or her.

It is best to stay away from pursuing relationships altogether.

Stay Blessed!

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