How do I connect with my twin flame in 5D or telepathically to what he is feeling or thinking?


Telepathic communication with a Twin Flame is as natural as it gets. You don’t have to question it — it happens to you as part and parcel of the Twin Flame experiences.

To fully understand how telepathic communication works between you and your divine partner, you already communicate with each other whether you are in the same room or not.

Here are some experiences that affirmed telepathic communication between my Twin Flame and me:

  • Saying the same things at the same time — we beat each other to finishing each other’s sentences. We say and use the words in the same manner of expression. We complete each others’ Sentences. We use the same euphemism when expressing our selves.
  • Sometimes I look into his eyes and guess what he is thinking. I do not need words to tell him how I feel because I know that he gets me. We anticipate each other’s needs — we can both tell each other’s desires and needs just by feeling each other from the source.
  • Telepathic communication also happens for us when we call or text each other. Sometimes when I miss him so much or think of him, I go into my hearts space and send him a message. Automatically, I always get a form of response in form of a call or a text message even though unrelated to my expectations.

The best way to communicate with a Twin Flame through telepathy is by embracing meditation. You do not have to be a master at this! Mediation can be done in my ways and forms.

For me, I find ways to quiet my mind: I do this even though I’m on a train or surrounded by a group of strangers. I just tune into our shared energy and immerse myself into it.


Ever since I met my Twin Flame, I never feel alone even though we are separated. I always feel him with me. I feel complete in every way possible.

Stay Blessed!

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