Is it considered running when I intentionally block out thoughts of my twin flame or just remembering him in general? I feel distressed when I do this though I don’t know why.


Haha. I have felt this so many times especially when I attempted to run from him the first time. I was overwhelmed by the intense feelings that came over me after the separation. I did not expect to miss him the way I did. I felt a vacuum within — I could not stop feeling the connection. I was so confused as to why I terribly missed this one person in the entire world.

I thought that if I blocked him; delete his contacts, block his social media, and erase any sign of him in my life would help me forget him but nothing worked. I craved to talk to him — I craved his presence as a human being.

Over the years, I have learned to reconcile the broken parts within myself. I have also progressed with healing our estranged relationship my Twin Flame and me.

Healing, empathy, forgiveness, and positive thinking have helped me to overcome so many obstacles in my life. I now feel whole, safe, and content within myself.


Even though I feel balanced within, I also know that every time I try to resist feeling the connection and try to block thoughts of my Twin Flame, I feel distressed, restless, and uninspired to be creative in any aspect of my life.

It is very ironic to write this but you have to let yourself feel everything— the unceasing connection, the chaotic emotions, the shared energy, and the heart feelings.

You also have to let thoughts of your Twin Flame come and go as they flow through you — you will have more peace — this is a process of surrender.

When you find a Twin Flame, it is not all roses and sunshine. You go through all kinds of chaotic phases of changing Spiritually, emotionally, physically, and psychologically.

You only have inner peace every time you Surrender.

Stay Blessed!


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