Is your twin flame the first, and last, thought on your mind, each day? If you think of your twin first thing in the morning would your twin do the same; in thinking of you, first thing in the morning?


Sometimes when I try not to think of him, I feel pulled in by his energy. Even though I try to resist the compulsive need to think of him, I end up wondering what he is up to because I can feel him.

When we initially separated, I would always think of him and he would send a message or a response in form of a call or a text message.

Sometimes we would text each other at the same time saying the same things to each other.

There was the most unforgettable moment for me when I terribly missed him and started crying because the pain was too much. As I wailed in my bathroom cuddled up like a baby, I said in my heart; “If this longing and pain is from you, please give me a sign.”

In the next room a minute later, my phone buzzed with a message from him at 4am wondering how I was doing.


Every event that followed after that only confirmed that whether I have doubts or not, our connection is natural and authentic. There is nothing I can do in my power to affect the nature of our bond. It is what it is!

Even though it has been 4 years of separation, I still get a feeling when he misses me. Sometimes I feel an unbearable feeling of desire couple with longing that is not mine.

Sometimes when I feel him sending love my way, I reciprocate it. I automatically embrace the love feelings with my heart space and send him back love in form of a whisper or a prayer.

Sometimes when I feel sad, I unknowingly send him sad feelings — moments later, I feel plagued by intense sad feelings in form of a feedback loop.

It is a beautiful feeling when you understand your energetic dynamics— when you can acknowledge your spiritual connection with an open heart.


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