Do you believe twin flames should only end up with their counterpart?


I believe this with all my soul that Twin Flames deserve to end up together if it is a romantic encounter because of the following reasons:

Twin Flame love is the most beautiful special experience that you will ever have to go through. It is a combination of all the most beautiful love experiences that I have ever been through. Feeling unconditional love for my Twin Flame combines all feelings of unconditional love. I feel joy, happiness, contentment, acceptance and tremendous feelings of inner peace and harmony just being in his or her vicinity. When I am with a Twin Flame, I feel so empowered and unstoppable that I am energized to achieve my wildest dreams.


He balances me; he shows to me parts of myself that I need to work on especially parts of myself that I hide away from the world thinking that were unlovable. With the presence of my Twin Flame in my life, I feel all the core wounding that existed within me healing. I had moments of my life when I had to travel within myself to hug my inner child. Once I healed and embraced my inner child, I started to live a life of meaning and purposeful.

I believe that if Twin Flames are able to accelerate healing within themselves, if the divine pair is merged through unconditional love — they can heal the world in some form because both bound together is a divine force to reckon with.

When I met my Twin Flame and then we separated, I fell to my knees one day and begged god/universe to take the pain away. I felt disoriented in everything I did. I felt restless. I missed him. I wondered why I had a brief moment to experience such great love and by the time I was beginning to understand the meaning of it, it was taken away.


I felt like I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them, he had disappeared.

A Twin Flame stays with you whether you are in a harmonious physical union or not. This is a fact that every true Twin Flame knows and is experiencing right now.

The power lies between holding on and letting go of a Twin Flame.

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