Why did my runner go out of his way to get my attention when he saw me, call & text me later to say good seeing me? I’ve been focusing on myself & feeling good. Now I have a strong desire to reach out to him. I feel like I’ve taken a giant step back.


It is okay to feel like you are relapsing — you later on grow an emotional muscle to stay grounded within yourself. It takes a series of practicing and healing.

A runner Twin Flame pops back into your life just to run again. You cannot stop this from happening even though you did your best to try. The runner’s return back into your life is for a great reason — to trigger you into another healing cycle if you still have any emotional, physical, or psychological issues to work on.

As you progress further along your journey, you learn that a Twin Flame can run all that they want. Soon or later, he or she needs to go through their series of running and chasing as much as you do.

Your runner partner struggles with their journey as much as you do. You both have to ground yourselves in your energy and trust the process to work out successfully as a harmonious union in the end.


Stay Blessed!

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