How does a twin flame runner feel when the chaser is constantly thinking of them? Do they receive telepathic messages and know they are from the chaser?


I know that he acknowledges it when I think of him or when I send him love through my heart space. Sometimes it is intentional and sometimes not.

Over the past few years, we both ran from each other and chased at some point until we got exhausted from it.

I feel it when he is thinking of me as well — it always happens when he is either sad or happy or lonely. I can tell the variations of the kind of energy that he sends my way every time.


Sometimes I wake up feeling extremely happy and bubbling with positive energy and suddenly, I start channeling extensively heavy uncontrollably mixed emotions of fleeting sadness.

When he is happy and thinking of me, I feel bursts of joy even though I was initially feeling sad.

We both acknowledged that we can tell what the other is thinking by looking into each other’s eyes.

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