I feel so lost and mentally damaged.I want to clear my mind of this whole twin flame thing. I want to create myself again. But when I come back, maybe I won’t like my twin flame again. Should I do this?


Feel the fear and do it anyway! Whether you postpone your Twin Flame process or not, you will have to confront your fears. You will rediscover your authentic self.

It is normal to fear letting go of a Twin Flame. You are plagued by the following worries:

  • You assume that when you surrender and focus on yourself, your Twin Flame will forget about you. You feel like you will inadvertently push him or her away. This fear is not real — you create a positive space for you and your Twin Flame to confront your situation. A Twin Flame separation is a blessing in disguise.
  • The second unreal fear that cripples you is the fear of losing the connection. You assume that if you focus on loving yourself and reinventing your Authenticity, your feelings will fade. This is not true indeed. A separation from a Twin Flame does not affect your connection. You realize this as you progress further along your journey.

Stay Blessed!

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