How do you cope in a twin flame awakening while you’re married and have children? I lost myself in this process and worry about the impact it had on my family.

I understand how complicated your situation might be. I also was married when I met my Twin Flame.

You do not lose yourself in the Twin Flame process but rather, you rediscover the authentic version.

It takes acceptance and undying conviction to stay committed to making the changes in your life.

Here are some of the challenges that you face as a married Twin Flame:

  • The Twin Flame process is energetically demanding; you go through emotional turbulence. You have constant mood swings. Even though you are going through emotional chaos, you still have to function in the normal world. Whether you miss your Twin Flame or not, the people in your life need you Tobias always be emotionally, energetically, and psychologically stable.
  • Life as you know it dramatically changes — you are stripped of your old life to embrace the new. Some changes that you need to make like divorcing a husband will result into separating
  • your family. Sometimes it is much easier to run back to your old life because it feel comfortable and safe but life changes anyways.
  • Stay Blessed!

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