How do twin flames reunite after separation? Does one reach out to the other, text or call, bump into each other by some miracle, etc?


It is very funny how events unfold eventually. None of the happenings are in your control. Even though you try to resist a reunion with a Twin Flame, the universe/god brings you to their doorstep. You keep wondering to yourself; “I only was dreaming of this but how come I am here already?”

You pinch yourself — you think that you are dreaming seeing him or her again after the separation.

I have realised that with a Twin Flame, it does not matter whether it is a day, a month, or years. Physical separation hurts the same way for as long as you are apart. That is the truth.

Anyway, I am here in my Twin Flame’s hometown not even knowing why. The Universe is pushing as closer every day. I feel it.


I craved so much to see him for the past four years. I cried myself to sleep because I could not deal with missing him. Now that I am here, I feel scared of what is to come.

I don’t think that I want to see him again. I do not feel ready to go through the same Twin Flame madness all over again.

I feel like I finally managed to live without him for all these years. I got used to missing him. I accepted my fate that maybe I will never see him again.

But still, I have to let divine timing take charge — life is what it is!


Stay Blessed!

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