What are 10 things you should do to protect yourself from a narcissist?


Basically, you have to accept and acknowledge that you have to protect yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically.

  1. Do not try to argue your way through a conversation because you are only adding fuel to the fire. It is best to always look him or her in the eye and tune out. You can visualize your favorite places, have mental images of the people you love or focus on visualizing your tasks. In the end, you are generating positive energy within you instead of wasting it on being “gaslighted.” Who is your Twin Flame?
  1. Do not justify your feelings especially when you are hurt. Do not try to reason yourself out of embracing the dysfunctional relationship that you are in. Face your truths. Acknowledge your responsibility. Choose to see your life situation for what it is. When you do this, you realize that you sacrificed so much trying to deceive yourself that you are happy. It is much easier to stay with a narcissist than try to get help or move on. Self-love tips
  2. Do not stay quiet when you are being abused. Involve other people in the equation when dealing with narcissistic abuse. It could mean joining a community of support groups. You could seek counseling or even speaking to a professional psychologist. Whatever situation that you are in, do not be isolated. You are prey whenever you are alone because a narcissist will make sure that you do not have friends or people who support you.

Stay Blessed!

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