What brings out the best in many narcissists?


Once in a while, you have a glimpse of the humanity in a narcissists. You have moments of enlightenment about him or her — this is why it is very difficult to leave. You keep remembering those glimpses or the moments when you see him or her as a human being. Selflove Tips

Unfortunately, the moments of bliss do not last for long. The narcissism kicks in soon or later. You go back to the life of quiet desperation hoping that you will have another glimpse soon.


To bring out the best in a narcissist depends on how good you want them to be. With him or her, it all depends on your expectations.

At the end of the day, there is a sense of disappointment when you choose to trust and believe in a narcissist. He or she eats at you every moment whether it is psychological or emotional. Life of an Empath

When you choose to believe a narcissist — the saying is true — “You make your bed and you lie in it.”

Stay Blessed!

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