How can I work on myself in this twin flame journey? I’m kinda confused by this journey. Sometimes I feel angry and sometimes I feel the unconditional love.


You have to feel the stress and eventually let it out. You have to feel unconditional love and also let yourself feel the pain and frustration.

You have 3 major areas of your life to focus on to find inner harmony and balance:

It all begins with a shift in perspective— you have to accept to have a paradigm shift.

You cannot have the same mindset to find the solutions to your problems as the one that caused it.

Shifting your perspective begins with understanding that your life situation will not go back to normal as before you met him or her.

Accept your new life situation; work with it to build a life of meaning and purpose.


Everyone tells you about the Spiritual Awakening process. The journey that you take within yourself to fix parts of yourself that are not working.

This is the time when you focus on healing your core wounding. You hug your inner child. You focus on ending your cycles of dysfunction.

You also have to take care of the physical aspects. Your living conditions. Your relationships. Your connections and the life around you.


You will have to get rid of all the negative energy out of your life. You dissolve all relationships that do not serve you any good.

You change your friends and relationships to align with those who match your positive energetic vibration.

I hope that this helps you.

Stay blessed!

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