What pushes a twin flame runner into not running anymore? What will motivate them to come back?


Firstly, when you do not look at the situation from a physical relationship kind of view like a boyfriend and girlfriend situation, you realize that no one is typically running or chasing. You come to this realization when you finally Surrender and start focusing on your well-being.

You finally Surrender when the timing is right. If you have noticed already, you cannot fake surrender — it naturally happens to you. Your need for inner peace pushes you to let go of stressing over your Twin Flame situation.

Honestly, since you cannot cast a magic spell to bring back your Twin Flame, there is nothing in your power that you can do to bring him or her back into your life. A Reunion is a Natural Process.

When you start to empathetically look at your Twin Flame and the situation that you are both going through, you realize that he or she is going through immense inner turmoil as much as you do. Twin Flame Separation Tips


In fact, if you both work towards creating harmony — always seeking to harmonize with each other, you learn that it is the two of you against life.

Life is challenging enough as it is and so is the Twin Flame process. If you stop listening to those who do not know what you are going through as a Twin Flame, you feel energetically spent because everything you experience starts from within you.

You have to trust deep within your soul what you are feeling. You cannot lie to yourself as a Twin Flame because when the world falls away and you are apart, you will still feel the connection. Signs a Twin Flame misses you.


Be humble enough and focus on rediscovering yourself because the Twin Flame encounter is a blessing — A gift to trigger you into Spiritual Awakening. It is a natural process that happens to you. All you seek is finding soul growth. You are triggered to face parts within yourself to heal in an accelerated process that would take decades for others to achieve.

Open your heart to healing and let your blessings manifest.


Stay Blessed!

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