Are twin flames eternal husbands and wives?


It is very funny that I stumbled upon this question because I was affirming this fact to myself. It has been four years since we found each other and we both got scared of who we are. We both do not want to confront the fact that we are eternal lovers.

Life has pushed us so far from each other. Apart from the inner obstacles that we have had surmount, the physical hindrances alone have been the hardest to overcome.

He said that it was best for everyone if we do not talk to each other. It was very difficult for me to accept at first. I was sad and miserable for years — two years to be exact. I blamed the universe for all my misfortunes. I wanted him back in my life. I kept wondering why the Universe would bring me so much beauty just to take it away. I cried myself to sleep almost every night. I eventually Surrendered.


It took me a while to understand that it was for the best if we did not talk to each other. This is also the reason why the Infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase is A Blessing in Disguise.

I do not have the exact words to convince you how much it hurts when you miss a Twin Flame. Only those who have experienced it can attest to my truth.

You toss and turn every night just because you cannot switch your heart off. You are always pulled into the connection whether you are happy with someone else or not. Signs a Twin Flame misses you too.

You know deep down that it is rare to meet someone who makes you feel okay to be yourself. You miss him or her because of the inner peace they bring to you. Life is generally effortless with a Twin Flame. You feel like you can achieve your wildest dreams when you are in harmony with your Twin Flame. Simple Twin Flame Union Tips.


When you are going through the challenging phase of a physical separation, your heart keeps breaking into tiny pieces because of missing him or her. Nothing heals this pain — Even if you are dating the most physically looking beautiful person on earth. Twin Flames vs Soulmates

You can travel to fancy places and meet the most exotic people on on this planet earth but still, you feel an emptiness only a Twin Flame lover can fill. A Twin Flame Runner’s Return to The Chaser

You can be the most stoic person but deep inside, you are boiling down with emotions of frustration and confusion because you feel like you are dying without the presence of your eternal best friend.

These are only truths that a Twin Flame can understand.


Stay Blessed!

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