Why would a twin flame runner disappear after intense conversation, I have not heard from him after admitting he loves me?


Leave alone having the intense conversations. It is very strange when you meet your greatest lover — someone who evokes your greatest desires and beauty, yet he or she frustrates you the most. Authentic Signs of a Twin Flame.

You love your Twin Flame but you are also scared of losing him or her. You choose to run away because you are your truest self when you are a Twin Flame.

You are scared of feeling vulnerable and disarmed — you feel out of control — you feel naked.


A Twin Flame runner is as confused as the chaser. I ran from my Twin Flame without knowing that I was actually running.

I felt like knowing him and having him in my life only made my chaos worse. I felt disturbed emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. I felt challenged to face the worst parts of myself which I could not deal with.

I was scared of losing him at first. I chased him thinking that if I continuously apologized to him I would feel better. The more I chased him, the worst I felt.

Oh god, what a Journey.


Stay Blessed!

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