My twin blocked me because I said nasty things to him. I didn’t mean it, he triggered my inner wounds. I feel terrible about this. How can I reach out to him and let him know how much I love him?


When my Twin Flame said nasty things to me one night, I broke into tears. I looked into his eyes and said; “Why are you saying hurtful things to me? Why are you being mean and spiteful?” He never answered.

The next day when he was saner, I asked him why he was so intent on hurting me the night before.

He responded; “I wanted you to hate me. I knew that you wouldn’t like me anymore.”

I said; “Well you are running but there is nowhere to go!”

He laughed in response to my comment.

That was the first time he attempted to run. We made up. I thought that things were going so well until he did it again!


The second time, he disappeared all night and I could not reach him. I stayed up all night wondering where he is.

When he showed up the next day, I hugged him so tightly and told him that I do not like it when he disappears.

After an intense night of talking and sharing, he told me something sad and he broke into tears twice. It was the most vulnerable that he has ever been. I told him that I am here for him always. Twin Flame Runner Traits

Ever since that night, he became very cold and distant. He avoided looking into my eyes. He became mean and aloof.

He did so many things to keep me at arm’s length. I decided to give him his space. I am no longer stressed about him.


If you said nasty mean things to your Twin Flame, I know the feeling. You have to come clean — tell your Twin Flame how you feel no matter how much the conversation gets uncomfortable.

Communication is the best way to understand each other. Use the best means possible to get to him or her.

Good luck!

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