How do you know where you stand with your twin flame when you haven’t seen them in person in over 2 1/2 years?


I have not seen mine in 4 years and we are still going strong. The journey keeps going. You have no control over the course of events.

I think I found a Soulmate. Someone who reminds me of my Twin Flame but not quite the same.

I am happy for sure — it is very surprising that I am happy without a Twin Flame partner. I feel like my Twin Flame encounter taught me how to love others. I needed some schooling on how to love unconditionally.

Even though I want to move on, my Twin Flame runner is always making a presence into my life.

I now understand that it does not matter whether I hate my Twin Flame or not. Life goes on. Love lives within me. I am Love.


Stay Blessed!

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