Can you be mentally in union (5D) with your TF while you’re physically in separation (3D)? APPLE BOOKS


A Twin Flame Union is deep — Your energy flows from dependence and unceasing communion. A Twin Flame relationship is Sacred and Divine. Twin Flame love is potent.

Twin Flame love captures your essence. A Twin Flame Union speaks to the depth of the connection. When you are in Union, you feel relaxed and unhurried.

You are deeply aware of the love connection to your divine partner; You appreciate and love him or her. You are content amidst suffering and setbacks. You feel free to joyfully inspire others.


A Twin Flame Union is a Union Of Love.

Both Twin Flames have to feel whole within themselves to come together to create a third entity. A Union is joining two whole beings as one. A Twin Flame Union is a Transcendental Sacred Space unique only to the divine couple.

Before you pursue a physical Union with your Twin Flame, you first confront yourself. The Twin Flame process opens you up — It sheds light on every part of your Soul. It exposes parts of yourself that you had hidden away both from yourself and the world.

You have to confront parts of yourself that you thought were unlovable. You have to travel back within yourself and hug your inner child. You stare into the darkest parts of yourself.


You purge emotional pain lodged within you; You embrace yourself. You heal your core wounding. You feel a reckoning.

A Twin Flame 5D Union happens within you — You are the center of your Twin Flame experiences. Everything revolves around you. You are the answer to all the questions that you have.

You possess the inner power to feel in control of yourself. You are capable of self-love and so much more. You are love. You are light.


Stay Blessed!

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