What are clear signs that you are not with your twin flame?


I will tell you who a Twin Flame is instead.

Twin Flames are Divine Beings going through a Human Experience. Twin Flame relations are the epitome of happiness. You have a potent connection that leaves you in awe.

Twin Flame love is a divine connection. Twin Flames are a divine pair in a divine relationship. Twin Flames also relate to each other in a deeply Spiritual way. Both partners learn to embrace the shared energy — Both divine lovers possess the divine masculine and feminine energy.

In normal relationships, you relate with a partner humanly. You enter various relationships to serve your needs. You embrace every relationship through the ego — your small self. In some instances, you mate for power, royal influence, practicality, and convenience. For cultural and religious jurisdiction. Twin Flames vs Karmic Partners.


As we grow and advance further as human beings, we are free to interact, meet, and mate with whoever meets and satisfies our needs. We have endless possibilities of meeting potential dates and future life partners. The internet has indeed revolutionized dating and relationships. Tips to Manage Twin Flame Separation Pain.

A Twin Flame relationship is catalytic. It revolutionizes your life and transforms you from the inside to the outside.

Your divine partner triggers you into the development of inner wholeness. You feel inner harmony. You also achieve Spiritual enlightenment. You wake up to your life situation.

The Twin Flame relationship is not all that roses and sunshine. It is quite challenging too. Your divine partner is your perfect mirror. He or she reflects on you your deepest fears and your greatest desires.


Mirroring each other’s weaknesses and strengths can create divine harmony but also intense conflict within the relationship.

In a Twin Flame relationship, you are both divine beings. It is the journey that you take within yourself beyond the needs of the ego. You transcend to the deeper needs of the heart and soul. Twin Flame Union Guide

The Twin Flame Spiritual Awakening process teaches you how to understand your deeper needs. You also learn how to meet and satisfy your Spiritual needs. The Twin Flame process is a divine relationship that you have with yourself.

As you progress further along your journey, Spiritual enlightenment teaches you that what you carry within yourself in your heart, will eventually manifest and be created on the outside.


The Twin encounter is a blessing; you manifest your Spiritual gifts as you learn to embrace unconditional love in your heart. You unlock joy, abundance, success, and inner peace.

Twin Flame love is divinely guided. You feel endless love that emanates from the Divine itself.

Stay Blessed!

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