What made you stop chasing your twin flame?


I can now confidently say that I have been through most of the distinctive stages of the Twin Flame process especially the excruciating phase of running and chasing.

One fun fact is — you will always miss your Twin Flame no matter what phase you are at on your journey. You long for the physical closeness — you feel a void within only he or she can fill.

Surrender does not mean that you deny yourself certain aspects of your connection. Trying to repress thoughts of your Twin Flame or putting up an inner resistance to your connection will only frustrate you further.

Matter of fact, missing a Twin Flame does not stop; you learn to live with it as part of your natural human condition like breathing.

The further you progress on your journey, you cease to feel like yourself— you keep merging into Oneness. You feel him or her with you all the time.


Also, Surrender benefits you; it is for your own good to feel peaceful and balanced within. You will have better days when you focus on going through your journey with a peaceful mind.

Surrender also shows your inner strength — you realize that you can be separated from a Twin Flame and still life would go on without any stress.

The separation phase empowers you to rediscover your authenticity. You also start unlocking your gifts and blessings once you figure out how to nurture and embrace your Twin Flame energy.

Surrender comes in form of acceptance for the runner Twin Flame. Acceptance itself comes in many forms and phases until healing is done.

When you choose to stop chasing and you focus on yourself, a runner usually pops back into your life without any major explanation. I have learned that he or she does this because they want to makes sure you did not forget about them and move on with someone else or they need you to trigger them into another running cycle if he or she still more issues to work on.


When you accept your newfound shared energy with your Twin Flame, then you have to also accept to flow with the connection and wherever it takes you. You give up on trying to control the nature of your experiences and accept that divine timing is in control.

If you have issues that need to be worked on, you accept to face them. You let yourself dive into all your emotional mess to cleanse your energy. If you have core wounding — you take the uncomfortable journey of going back into yourself to face the darkest corners of your Soul.

You can only feel inner peace and harmony if you purge any negative energetic vibrations embedded within you. This process is very slow, excruciating, and challenging. But, you eventually come out of it even though it means crawling out of your pain.

If you are struggling with any part of your journey during separation, all you have to do is remember the kind of person that you are when you are with your Twin Flame. You feel complete. Content. Peaceful. Safe. You feel empowered to achieve your wildest dreams.


This is the kind of person that you need to become without the presence of your Twin Flame. You must feel safe within yourself; you must free yourself of any fears — you have to feel peaceful naturally because it is your true nature.

I have learned that the reason why we chase our Twin Flames, is because of the inner turbulence that you feel when he or she leaves. In one moment you feel balanced within because of their presence, then the next moment when he or she leaves all sorts of fears to arise within you. You go through a phase of manic depression because you think a Twin Flame is the source of all your joys and inner peace. You are wrong.

The Twin Flame encounter changes you from the inside to the outside. You embark on a journey of self-rediscovery to find your authentic self.


Stay Blessed!

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