I feel like God wants me to suffer and separated me from my twin flame twice. Why did I have a chance only to see him and to lose him for no reason?

Two weeks into knowing each other, we both knew that separation is excruciating. Even though we were separating for a few hours, we could both see how we stalled it — sometimes if I was leaving to go somewhere, he would whisper to me; “Stay!”

I remember this one morning I was so distraught because he was leaving and I wouldn’t see him until the next day. I refused to say goodbye to him. I hid in the bathroom for over 30 minutes until he left.

He kept extending his stay; for someone who intended to stay for a week, it became a month until he couldn’t do it anymore. He had to leave at some point. Nothing about our encounter was planned.

The last couple of nights together, he could tell that I was helpless — I could not absorb my feelings very well. I felt extreme separation anxiety. At some point I said to him; “I hate goodbyes, What am I going to do? You are leaving in a few days!”

He responded; “You have to keep kicking ass as you always do. I will go figure out things and then come back.” He continued; “I wanna go where you grew up from.”

Every time I feel weary, hopeless, and doubtful, I remember his words that he would come back to me. I believe in my Twin Flame with all my heart.

I also believe with all my heart that if you are a genuine Twin Flame pair, the epitome of happiness is a harmonious Union.

Your natural state is Oneness — it is an unceasing Sacred Communion — you are love bound.

There is no place to rest your Soul. Your Twin Flame is your resting place: Your home.

I advise fellow Twin Flames to believe in your heart’s desires and your blessings. If you really truly hope to be with your eternal lover, ask yourself the following bold questions:

Why do you embody feelings of doubt and negativity if you are looking for positive results? — You cannot have it both ways; if you desire a reunion, work for it, desire it, believe in it, and most of all listen to your inner truth.

Why do you choose to listen to others to help you find healing and a Union — Why don’t you believe how you feel? — Looking for outside validation is a sign of weakness. You do not believe in yourself being strong enough to work on your issues. You have to trust in love and yourself.

Why do you dwell on separation very much? — Separation from a Twin Flame is in the mind because you never feel separated at all.

PS. Note that there are is no end to the Twin Flame experience. Every phase is a journey itself — all you have to do is to keep moving forward every day.

Stay Blessed!

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