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I just found out that my twin flame is in a relationship. How do I move on?

That is expected — I speak for myself depending on my Twin Flame dynamic. When we met, I was married and we live on separate continents. It took me over 2 years to dissolve my marriage but all the karmic ties did not all dissolve at once. We had a business together so that means that my ex-husband was still present actively in my life.

My Twin Flame moved to a new continent and started dating someone new. Our mutual friends said that he seemed happy.

I feel sorry for anyone else that he will date or even marry if he wants to. Our connection cannot be forged. We both know it. All we can do is surrender to life and the journey and see where they take us.

I try to leave him alone. I never ask about personal stuff when we have a chance to communicate.

I know him as much as I know myself. I have struggled with new relationships ever since I separated from my ex-husband. I can’t seem to connect with anyone as much as I connect with him.

Now I know how he felt when I was married to someone else. It feels like we are living mirrored lives right now.

I hope this helps you.

Stay Blessed!


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