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What does it feel like to be in separation with your twin flame?

During separation, even though you both promise and plan on reuniting with each other again, the feelings of uncertainty and the fears caused by the separation anxiety keep both Twin Flames in constant worry and doubts that a reunion might not happen after all.

The subsequent separation period has a very tangy flavor. Far from the elation that you anticipate to the delirious joy of triumph and release.

When you are going through the initial stages of the separation phase, you slip into a funk.

You feel like something is missing in your life; your Twin Flame’s presence gives you company and a sense of responsibility.

No matter how augmented the chaotic feelings are, solving problems and overcoming the obstacles during your separation gives shape to your day.

Once you separate from a Twin Flame, alarming thoughts plague you. Will he/she forget me? Will they find happiness with someone new?

You start to inhibit the qualities of manic depression. To let go of a Twin Flame seems to leave you without a purpose.

You feel restless, glum, and irritable. Post-separation slums are inevitable and normal.

When a deep-blue funky melancholy soon follows, you slip into a black trough of despair.

Helplessness and restlessness haunt you. You start to weep like a baby on a daily. You feel the void getting deeper within you; nothing seems to fill it up.

If you are married, the chaotic changes that the Twin Flame encounter destabilizes your peace. You feel like the changes make your life worse than before. You feel lost without a Twin Flame at this stage.

The fear of losing your Twin Flame consumes you daily. You wonder if the advice other a Twin Flames offer is worth it. You wonder if you submit to changing and growing will bring your Twin Flame back.

You wonder if you are only being obsessed; you try to block them out of your life. You wish that your Twin Flame misses you as much as you do.

You experience a lot of unexplainable fears. You start to get curious about your pain because no matter how much you deny your feelings, you know that you must face yourself.

You feel exhausted from chasing. All you want is to find inner peace again.

You are tired of crying yourself to sleep because you are tired of unreciprocated love. You know that you deserve unconditional love.

You want to recover from the pain of missing a Twin Flame; you start looking for the different ways to heal.

Once you achieve enlightenment, you feel empowered to gracefully embrace the different aspects of your Twin Flame journey.

You start looking for answers from other Twin Flames. You look for information that pertains to the Twin Flame phenomenon.

You start to wonder why the universe brought your Twin Flame to you just to take them away.

You feel depressed because you cannot control the emotional chaos. Nothing you can do brings you inner peace. You feel lost, restless, and sad.

You start regretting meeting your Twin Flame; you regret ever crossing paths.

You start to wish your life never changed. You miss your old life, your friends, and your acquaintances.

Have you experienced this?

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What are the simple things to do to raise your energetic vibration when you miss your Twin Flame runner?


You will always miss your Twin Flame because you are One in the soul and it takes time to get used to living life without them during the Separation phase.

You have to find ways to accumulate happiness and joy in your life so that you can keep feeling happy daily.

Find friends who are experiencing the Twin Flame journey to inspire you to stay positive. Talking to friends helps to release any stress that you are feeling and you will feel understood by them because they understand how you feel.

Channel the Twin Flame love that you feel into something meaningful:

When you finally heal and become your authentic self, you start vibrating at a high frequency energetically and you feel unconditional love within you. Use your talents and skills to channel the unconditional love into something that can uplift and heal the human collective.

Embrace Solitude

Always reserve moments of Quality time throughout the day so that you can get to know yourself. Learn to feel happy without Twin Flame because happiness grows within you. Embracing Solitude allows you time to meditate and feel your Twin Flame’s love through the heart space.

Do a physical exercise whenever you feel energetically bogged — It can be as simple as taking walks in nature or going to the gym to work out — You can also teach yourself how to do yoga and other home exercises using an app or by joining free online sessions to exercise from home.

Journal your feelings — writing about how you feel is a therapeutic experience because it helps you release all the stress.

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What is the key to a successful relationship with your twin flame?

Separation from a Twin Flame brings all sorts of feelings to the surface. What simple tips are you using to manage your situation?

Honesty. You have to be first and foremost, honest to yourself. You have to listen to your soul and your intuition. That inner knowing. You must believe what you feel. No one can feel the connection for you and no one can tell you how to feel. Not a psychic or a friend. Not even your parents know how it feels to be you. So be honest with yourself — don’t force any feeling that is not there. At the same time, even though your feelings seem overwhelming and confusing, you must confront them. You must work with how you feel. You are not crazy or obsessive— it is what it is.

Secondly, you must be honest with your Twin Flame. Speak your heart even though it might scare them away. When seeking forgiveness, be as open as possible. Do not hide behind the Twin Flame phenomenon and what everybody says is either wrong or right. Trust your process.

You cannot control your Twin Flame’s behavior but you can control your responses to him or her.

I believe that what prolongs Twin Flame separations is the fact that we keep assuming what the other is a thing. We have so many expectations that are unreal. When it comes to solving our issues, therefore, we go in with so many assumptions and expectations yet, it is all simple — be truthful and honest.

Honesty also means that you back off if you know that chasing is only triggering the run and chase phase. You give your Twin Flame the space they need to work out their issues. It is also a form of respect and love for the other.

I hope that my perspective helps you with your question. Stay Blessed!

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What are some Twin Flame runner Love lessons?

Karmic Partners: How do you focus on yourself when you know that your Twin Flame is married to someone else?

Loving yourself is the greatest Revolution yet the most challenging journey to embark on. Twin Flame love asks you to understand how to show unconditional love to yourself before you share it with your Twin Flame in the physical.

Your old life will not come back after you meet your Twin Flame because change takes over your life whether you accept it or not. The only way to find peace and inner harmony is by submitting to embrace Soul growth and transformation so that you can eventually evolve and become an Authentic version of yourself.

Twin Flame Soul Healing is a gradual process that happens throughout the journey and every phase of your experiences exists to teach you difficult Soul lessons so that you can eventually heal your core wounding and grow.

One of the blessings of being on the Twin Flame journey is that you learn to love yourself which is the real meaning of true unconditional love. It is a gift that the Twin Flame encounter brings to every Twin Flame’s life because loving yourself is the meaning of Happiness.

Twin Flame love is all in the eyes. If you want to see your Twin Flame’s Soul, look them in the eyes and you will see the truth.

Every aspect of your Twin Flame journey is divinely guided: No matter how much you try to control your Twin Flame journey, you cannot influence the manifestation and the course of your experiences. 

You can choose to stress about your situation and criticize the behaviors of your Twin Flame but it will not change how your journey progresses. 

No matter how much you try to forge a relationship with your Twin Flame, it will not work out if you are not ready to embrace who you are. I always tell myself to relax and trust that my Twin Flame will bounce back when he is ready to confront our situation of having a special bond with each other. 

I trust divine timing because I did not know that I would ever meet a Twin Flame 3 years ago so I trust that he showed up in my life for a reason.

You are blessed to know a great unconditional Twin Flame Love and it is a blessing to find your one true love because they inspire you to redefine yourself and to find your authentic self. You are inspired to grow, evolve, and create a life of meaning because you are inspired to achieve your wildest dreams.

Once I met my Twin Flame, I told my friends; “I can die now because I know how it feels to know unconditional love.” 

Finding True love is indeed a gift.

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How do you know that the connection is real even if a Twin Flame runs from you?

The connection between you and your Twin Flame is unlike any other and you cannot fake it because the bond originates in the soul.

When you meet your Twin Flame you know automatically that you have found the love of your life for sure.

You realize that you were searching for meaning and a deep connection so that your life can make sense but you had realized that it was your Twin Flame that would complete you.

When you meet your Twin Flame, you feel complete and content with yourself because you realize that your Twin Flame was the missing piece of the puzzle of your life.

You don’t worry about how much your Twin Flame loves you because you feel the soul oneness and the intimacy with your Twin Flame.

If you were feeling a void and emptiness from before, you feel like unconditional love for your Twin Flame fills you up.

You instantly feel like your life makes sense and is purposeful — Twin Flame love inspires you to pursue and achieve your wildest dreams.

It is a beautiful feeling indeed knowing how to love unconditionally.

Apart from the emotional pain, your Soul is always longing to be merged with your Twin Flame in every possible way. Twin Flames always long to be with each other in complete harmony and Oneness.

Twin Flames are eternally Soul-bound. You are your Twin Flame’s eternal best friend and you are energetically tethered to each other. Keep your heart open to send unconditional love to your Twin Flame when you think of them. Have empathy and forgiveness because you are One in the Soul.

You will eventually overcome the emotional pain that you are feeling right now. The pain that you feel within you exists to teach you that there are aspects of yourself that you are resisting. You have core wounding and past pain that was lodged within you and the Twin Flame encounter triggered you into an Awakening so that you can cleanse your Soul and free yourself from all your fears and pain.

There is no aspect of the Twin Flame experience that you can control but yourself.

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When your Twin Flame RUNNER is married to someone else, what do you do if you love them unconditionally?

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When you meet your eternal lover, nothing can prevent you from feeling unconditional love for them.

Even though they are married to someone else, you crave to be together and it gets very complicated when their Karmic relationship is the obstacle standing in your way.

Well, you will not be able to move on from a Twin Flame no matter what you do but you can learn to feel happy as you trust that you will eventually reunite. 

The best way to know that you will eventually reunite with your Twin Flame is by making sure that you have clear means of communication between you and your Twin Flame.

Make your plans clear to your Twin Flame; If you wish to move on from the frustration of waiting for your Twin Flame, you must let your Twin Flame know. (How to Overcome the Pain of chasing a Married Twin Flame)

And, if you wish to wait for your Twin Flame to return and have a relationship with you, you must also be clear and tell your Twin Flame about your plans.

If you wish to wait for your Twin Flame to dissolve its Karmic ties, focus on improving yourself so that you can become the authentic version of yourself.

Also, focus on loving yourself, trusting that you will eventually meet again —Be faithful to your Twin Flame Connection and have hope that unconditional love always wins.

Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.
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Does the runner Twin Flame stop loving their divine partner?

The infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase: A blessing in disguise.

Love is such a beautiful feeling and no matter how overwhelming it is to accept the Twin Flame love, the blissful feelings of unconditional love don’t fade once you are physically separated.

When you feel the unconditional love for your Twin Flame, you always crave to feel the euphoric feelings that your Twin Flame brings to you. 

You always feel safe and accepted unconditionally when you are in presence of your Twin Flame.

When you attempt to run from your Twin Flame, it is because of a deep-seated fear that brings up all the insecurities that you feel because you have core wounding and past pain accumulated within.

The runner is also inspired by the unconditional love they feel to grow and embrace changes because of the triggers from their divine partner. 

When you taste the feeling of unconditional love from a Twin Flame, you can never replace the feelings of love and you feel blissful euphoric feelings even though you are physically separated.

Loving a Twin Flame is a very special kind of feeling.

Love is Love.

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How does the Twin Flame Runner feel when they ignore their Twin Flame partner?

11:11: The Ultimate Twin Flame Guide For Newbies

From my experiences, it is not a choice to ignore a Twin Flame but usually, it is because the situation is not right or because there is an obstacle in the way of the relationship so the Twin Flame Runner decides to back off. 

It is also out of fear and insecurity that the runner keeps running from their partner until they heal the core wounding within.

The runner Twin Flame is always haunted by the unconditional love connection and they experience the agony of being physically separated from their fellow Twin Flame partner.

The runner Twin Flame also goes through an intense spiritual awakening and they experience the energetic cleansing phases of the night of the soul. 

The runner Twin Flame learns all the complicated love lessons; they are challenged to grow and evolve into their authentic selves as time progresses.

In essence, the runner feels the same way as the Chaser and you always feel the oneness within no matter how far you drift from each other.

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How do you Surrender and let your Twin Flame runner live their life?

Separation from a Twin Flame brings all sorts of feelings to the surface. What simple tips are you using to manage your situation?

Surrender is all about finding peace and inner healing.

You enjoy the Twin Flame journey once you find peace and inner healing. Surrender is the process of finding inner harmony to allow yourself the freedom to enjoy your Twin Flame experience without stressing about your Twin Flame’s behavior.

The Twin Flame journey is a personal process of rediscovering the authentic version of yourself.

Once you find inner balance, you realize that your journey is not as difficult as you thought. You realize that happiness sprouts from within and your Twin Flame cannot give it to you.

If a relationship with your Twin Flame is meant to be it will be: when I found my Twin Flame, I realized that I did not know that I was looking for true love until he found me. 

You must believe that you met your Twin Flame for a reason and if you desire to have a harmonious relationship with them, you must openly show it and work towards achieving your heart’s desires.

Prepare yourself for a union and always send love to your Twin Flame all the time in your heart.

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What do Twin Flame runners struggle with the most during separation?

If you desire a harmonious physical reunion with your Twin Flame, you must make it your daily goal to pursue it. Work hard to fix your life so that you feel ready to be together with your Twin Flame.

The chaser Twin Flame struggles with surrendering while the runner Twin Flame struggles with accepting love.

The runner Twin Flame has barriers within themselves that build again love. They feel an inner resistance to receiving unconditional love.

Due to previous heartbreaks, and disappointments from previous relationships, the runner is always scared to risk having heartbroken. He or she knows that a Twin Flame disarms you. It is best to stay away from feeling vulnerable.

It takes physical separation from a Twin for the runner to understand that the love connection is authentic and genuine.

Before the runner returns, he or she goes through different lessons about love. You have to learn to love yourself. Accept every part of you. 

The runner has to first feel love within themselves. If he or she has abandonment issues, they have to confront their pain. 

When a Twin Flame is running, they are running towards themselves.