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If you believe that you have met a twin flame, what is the one concrete sign that re-affirms that you are on the right path?

You cannot escape Twin Flame Soul intimacy: You feel oneness. You feel like you are disappearing into each other when you are together. To love a Twin Flame unconditionally, you have to share the love with him or her without losing yourself in the process. This is quite challenging because you keep melting into each other in every aspect. Psychologically, Physically, Psychologically, and Spiritually.

We all Twin Flames suffer and struggle with the pain of physical separation when it happens. The feelings of abandonment and isolation keep you in limbo. You have no idea how to reconcile the chaotic emotions that take over you. You feel lost, helpless, and hopeless.

A Twin Flame encounter indeed changes your life forever. It destabilizes what you thought was the norm. It gives you a paradigm shift about yourself and the world around you. Meeting a Twin Flame brings alchemical transformations into your life.

When you are with a Twin Flame you both feel each other. You believe in your connection. You are in harmonious energetic vibration. You both see into each other’s Souls. Meanwhile, when the separation occurs, you have endless creeping doubts. You wonder if your partner misses you as much as you miss him or her.

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Who is the runner in a twin flame?

I had no idea that I was running. I did not know that it was a Twin Flame experience either. Everything just happened so fast.

When we initially met, we knew that there was a strange bond between us within the first 48 hours. We were both naive about the Twin Flame phenomenon. I felt frustrated because I did not understand the strange occurrences after separation.

During the one month, we lived together, I took our connection lightly. I was married then. I thought I was crushing on my Twin Flame — I assumed it would fade whenever he went back to his home country. I knew that we did not have a chance to be together.

After one week of physical separation, I felt more chaotic emotions than before. I could not stop thinking of him even though I tried many distractions. I felt an energetic pull toward him. I felt intense heart palpitations — I felt double heartbeats — I could feel his energy constantly merging with mine.

I lost my taste for food. I went into manic depression. Life was meaningless without his presence. Out of all this frustration and confusion, I wrote to my Twin Flame. I felt immense stress — I blamed him for triggering the chaos in my life. I asked him to stay away from me. I thought that if we stopped talking to each other, I would feel better.

The situation only became dire. We both ended up not speaking. I blocked him on all social media. I deleted his contacts. I hurt him during the process of running.

I went into an intense Spiritual Awakening phase. The night of the soul was the most challenging of all. I lost weight; my friends thought that I was ill. They could not understand what I was going through. My Twin Flame was not talking to me after I blocked him. I felt alone.

When I researched the nature of my experiences, I learned about the Twin Flame Awakening process. All the symptoms could only be explained by the Twin Flame Phenomenon.

I, later on, accepted the nature of my experiences. I Surrendered to the connection.

I eventually opened myself up to healing. And I am happy to say that my Twin Flame forgave me for hurting him. We have been slowly mending our friendship. I hope to see him sooner than later.

Stay Blessed!

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What happens to “twin flames” who are fundamentally resistant to change?

  • Refusal to change and grow — I struggled with accepting the changes that my Twin Flame had triggered in my life. Life became worse before it became before. I experienced so much emotional chaos. It manifested in my physical life situation and I could not see how easily I would surmount the obstacles especially since I was married. I felt overpowered by my pain. I was afraid of what my friends would think if I abruptly left my marriage. I was afraid of being judged by my choices. I cared so much about what society would think that I was crippled with fear.

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What is a poem that reflects the twin flame journey?

“Lovers do not finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along.”


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I’m confused at how twin flame energy travels from one to the other, some say there is a positive DM and a negative DF and the energy can only travel from positive to negative and than others say we share energy back and forth?

From my experience, I learned how the energetic share works when I sat across from him over dinner. We looked into each other’s eyes and we both confirmed that we could feel each other without saying a word. The energy of oneness — if you have felt this, you understand how you feel like you share the same essence. You are one in soul you are connected to the source.

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Twin Flame Chaser VS Runner

When you are chasing a Twin Flame, your energy feels chaotic. You also think blocked. Since you are in the same energetic system, your Twin Flame partner feels emotional chaos. If they are also going through an energy purging phase, your chaotic emotions apply to her emotional pain. You are Yin and Yang to each other. When you finally Surrender and let your Twin Flame have his or her space, you feel the change in your shared energetic vibration. Your Twin Flame runner feels it too.

If nothing is chasing you, there is no reason to run. When you stop chasing, your divine partner realizes it too.
When I blocked my Twin Flame, I was running from him. Then he seemed calm. I became nervous. I panicked. My running from him did not seem to bother him. It threw me into a series of agony and frustration. I started chasing him.
My Twin Flame seemed happy and fine without me. He focused his energy on himself when I ran away from him. I was antagonized by his calmness. I thought that he was forgetting me.
I missed him every day. I felt a void within me. I felt guilty for sabotaging our communication. I was naive about the Twin Flame experiences.

When the Twin Flame runner is about to return, you go through the following experiences:
Your Dreams change

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The Dark Night Of The Soul.

To a degree, you have experienced the dark night of the soul experience to some degree at a certain point in your life whether you have been triggered into the Twin Flame Awakening process or not. We are all Spiritual Beings going through a Human Experience.

If you have not yet experienced it, you will one day get triggered by an incident in your life: In extreme cases, some people are triggered by dear death experiences — you start to question your life situation and the nature of your wellbeing. You embark on a journey of enlightenment; you crave to align yourself with things and people who vibrate at a higher positive energetic vibration.

When you go through a Spiritual Awakening of any kind, you seek peace, authenticity, truth, and happiness. You wake up to your life situation — you seek a life of purpose. You feel like you have a chance to relive your life. You explore the universe within you.

This simple book’s perspective is from my Twin Flame Awakening experiences: Everyone has a Twin Flame, it is only a matter of finding each other.

Our initial encounter triggered the Awakening to the Twin Flame connection and the Spiritual Awakening process.

My life changed for the best — I finally rediscovered myself. I found my authentic version.

Over the past three years, I have learned so much about myself. When I look in the mirror lately, I barely recognize myself. All I see is love.

Stay Blessed!

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Are Twin Flames special to each other?

When you meet a Twin Flame, you have an imminent feeling that he or she is yours and you are theirs no matter what separates you. You see each other in a way that nobody else does. The more I ran from my Twin Flame, the more I was hit by the truth that soon or later, I will have to confront him and our uncomfortable situation. I also partly blocked him because I was still married. All in all a Twin Flame is like a beautiful curse; you live inside each other and you cannot escape the beautiful love connection no matter what you do to deny how you feel. You are the missing piece of the puzzle to each other.
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Who is a Twin Flame?

There is a unique person created just for you. You have a perfect partner that is your equal match. A unique person that satisfies all your desires. Your Twin Flame is the one; your perfect mirror. When you meet a Twin Flame, you have an imminent knowing that you are destined to be together. You also feel a sacred eternal bond that affirms that you are meant to spend a lifetime in deep, passionate, everlasting love. After you meet a Twin Flame, you realize that they fill the void that you previously felt. You feel complete; you feel the energetic oneness. Your Twin Flame also is your perfect companion, lover, partner, best friend, guardian, and protector. You feel safe when you are around them. You trust the love connection even though you are physically separated. This book will guide you through the chaotic initial stages of the Twin Flame Awakening phase.

You fall in love many times with different people in life before you meet your Twin Flame. You even think that you have met the one true love of your life before you meet.
You choose to settle; get married, have children, and build a life together.
You believe that you have settled. You feel grateful for your life.
You believe that the future will only get better. You work hard every day to achieve your dreams.
You genuinely believe that you are happy.
You believe that you know what you want from life. You believe in your upbringing, culture, traditions, and norms.
You love your family and friends. You have big goals for the future.

One fateful day you wake. Everything seems normal; you have your day figured out as usual.
You run into this person; you could have known them for a while – you never cared to know them.
It could also be a stranger that you meet on the bus.
You become inseparable forever. A Twin Flame encounter is surprising, shocking, and refreshing.
Wherever you meet this person or however you meet, the initial encounter leaves you in awe!
You feel thrilled to see the person again because there is something so refreshing about them. A Twin Flame friendship needs gratifying indeed.
You feel the connection right away. It is more than just a spark — it is an inner knowing that you have arrived home.
You feel like you were looking for a way back home.
Your Twin Flame is your Home. When you meet a Twin Flame, you feel so eager to tell them everything about your life. You feel like you want to catch up from where you previously left off even though it is your first encounter in this lifetime.
You feel an invigoration of your energy when you meet because you feel an energetic boost.
You feel completed by their presence. You feel them occupy the empty side of your soul. You feel whole and content.
A Twin Flame is the missing puzzle of your life.

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How will you say/write your last goodbye to your twin flame?

I know that I will be back. This is not the first time I said goodbye to you and it is not the last. I know that I will be back. This is only temporary.

Every time I run from you, I learn different love lessons about myself and the world around me. I feel like there is meaning in my running actions; I discover parts of myself that I am running from. I need more time to face myself.

I hope that you will be here when I return — this is only temporary.

I know that there is nowhere else to run to; I have to find myself before I find you again. You are my home. I know that I can only be myself with you. You are my resting place.

These are some of the words I wrote to m Twin Flame every time I said goodbye and ran away from him.

These are some of the words I wrote to m Twin Flame every time I said goodbye and ran away from him.