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How do you Surrender and let your Twin Flame runner live their life?

Separation from a Twin Flame brings all sorts of feelings to the surface. What simple tips are you using to manage your situation?

Surrender is all about finding peace and inner healing.

You enjoy the Twin Flame journey once you find peace and inner healing. Surrender is the process of finding inner harmony to allow yourself the freedom to enjoy your Twin Flame experience without stressing about your Twin Flame’s behavior.

The Twin Flame journey is a personal process of rediscovering the authentic version of yourself.

Once you find inner balance, you realize that your journey is not as difficult as you thought. You realize that happiness sprouts from within and your Twin Flame cannot give it to you.

If a relationship with your Twin Flame is meant to be it will be: when I found my Twin Flame, I realized that I did not know that I was looking for true love until he found me. 

You must believe that you met your Twin Flame for a reason and if you desire to have a harmonious relationship with them, you must openly show it and work towards achieving your heart’s desires.

Prepare yourself for a union and always send love to your Twin Flame all the time in your heart.

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What do Twin Flame runners struggle with the most during separation?

If you desire a harmonious physical reunion with your Twin Flame, you must make it your daily goal to pursue it. Work hard to fix your life so that you feel ready to be together with your Twin Flame.

The chaser Twin Flame struggles with surrendering while the runner Twin Flame struggles with accepting love.

The runner Twin Flame has barriers within themselves that build again love. They feel an inner resistance to receiving unconditional love.

Due to previous heartbreaks, and disappointments from previous relationships, the runner is always scared to risk having heartbroken. He or she knows that a Twin Flame disarms you. It is best to stay away from feeling vulnerable.

It takes physical separation from a Twin for the runner to understand that the love connection is authentic and genuine.

Before the runner returns, he or she goes through different lessons about love. You have to learn to love yourself. Accept every part of you. 

The runner has to first feel love within themselves. If he or she has abandonment issues, they have to confront their pain. 

When a Twin Flame is running, they are running towards themselves. 

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How do you live a happy life without your Twin Flame in your life?

Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

No matter how far you travel and leave your Twin Flame, you feel like half of yourself is occupied by your Twin Flame’s energy. The physical aspect of the Twin Flame relationship does not define the essence of the Twin Flame Connection but rather, it is how you feel within that dictates the progression of your experiences.

As a Twin Flame, feeling inner peace and happiness is vital to your well-being because the Twin Flame Experience gets stressful sometimes because of the complicated nature of the spiritual experiences.

But that being said, there comes a time when you start to ease into your experiences by surrendering to the divine; you choose to let go of stressing about your experiences, and instead, you accept to embrace your journey.

You find happiness along the Twin Flame journey by opening your heart to embrace unconditional love and you choose to give unconditional love to yourself through the actions of self-love. When you embrace unconditional love in your heart, it not only heals you but also changes your perspective of the experience. 

You realize that you will always feel connected to your Twin Flame and focusing on healing yourself brings you inner harmony and balance.

You also accept that soon or later, the universe will bring your Twin Flame back. Trusting the unconditional love that you feel for your Twin Flame brings you more joy than stress. 

If you choose to go through the Twin Flame experiences with an open heart full of love and faith, every phase becomes easier. 

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If you feel an inner resistance to the connection and the love emotions, you feel like the obstacles that you encounter during the separation phase are insurmountable.

Feeling an inner resistance to love makes every situation dire and miserable. You have no sense of direction or purpose. You feel isolated from everyone around you. You generally are unhappy.

Finding happiness as a Twin Flame is the epitome of inner freedom. To feel happy, you must find balance within. You have to accept who you are. You must embrace your Twin Flame connection and your experiences. 

You must accept the changes that you go through. Your life will never be the same again after you meet a Twin Flame.

Sometimes I wonder if I was living life before I met him. After three years of our initial encounter, I feel different from who I used to be. I feel grounded within myself. I accept who I am. I am happy to live my truth. I am happy in my little corner of the world.

I was woken up by intense energy pulling at my heart yesterday. I smiled when I opened my eyes because it feels good to feel the euphoric feelings that the connection brings to me. It was at 4 am.

Since we live on separate continents, the separation has been difficult for both of us. I feel him every second of the day. He lives inside me. It is not easy to explain to anyone who is not a Twin Flame. It is not easy to explain how Twin Flame love feels.

Ever since the connection was triggered by our initial encounter three years ago, life has not been the same for me. Most of the love lessons have been challenging because I initially denied my feelings. I ran from him. 

11:11: The Ultimate Twin Flame Guide For Newbies

I sabotaged our friendship by blocking him. I was naive about the Twin Flame experiences.

When you embrace your Twin Flame experiences with an open heart, your life will transform for the best. You will rediscover the authentic version of yourself. Your life will become purposeful. The Twin Flame energy inspires you to embrace the necessary changes that you need to make in your life.

The new changes in your life will cultivate more happiness. You will start to unlock your blessings. Your connection to your Twin Flame will feel real and magical. You will know bliss and happiness.

Today is progressing blissfully. I feel connected to my Twin Flame naturally. Sometimes I forget that he is not here; I whisper words to myself like I am chatting to him. The telepathic connection is effortless — I feel connected to his soul.


I always remember how I feel when I look into his eyes. I feel overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time. The love feeling for a Twin Flame is bigger than me — I feel like the universe is exploding in my heart. 

When I am with him, I do not say much. I never find the right words; I stammer. Mumble words incoherently. I feel inept. My emotions go through the roof.

During the separation phase, I miss the feeling of comfort when he is in the room. I feel safe when he talks to me. He sees me for who I am. I feel understood. 

I used to feel weird and different from others before I met him. But now, I feel safe to be myself. He sees parts of myself that I had hidden from the world. He is my home. 

I feel ready to see him again. I have no fears or insecurities. I broke down the walls within me that I had built against love. I feel free to be consumed by unconditional love. I feel ready to embrace the future with my Twin Flame.

When a reunion with a Twin Flame is near, you feel it. You know it. You believe it. It is an imminent feeling of truth. You have an inner knowing that you will see him or her again.

Twin Flame love is beautiful. When you are in the same room, you feel a magnetic attraction toward each other. It is not an issue if there are people around you or not. You share an energetic bubble. You have your way of communicating without saying words. 

The Twin Flame eye contact says it all. When you look in your Twin Flame’s eyes, you know the truth. You see each other. You feel each other. And, you understand each other. Twin Flames have a unique way of understanding each other’s needs. When you are around a Twin Flame, you feel safe.

You feel accepted. A Twin Flame is a home to the soul.

Every aspect of the Twin Flame process is divinely guided. You can only understand this when you progress further along. You cannot resist the changes that life will throw at you. You can’t change your Twin Flame’s behavior if he or she is not ready to confront the nature of your Twin Flame experiences. You will go through lessons of love. You will be challenged to accept and love yourself. 

All this will happen without the help of your Twin Flame. There are some days when you wish that you never met him or her. Sometimes you worry that you are deluding yourself into believing that you met a Twin Flame. Sometimes you will feel very doubtful of your feelings and the love connection that you feel. The Twin Flame experience is bigger than you. Love is bigger than everything.

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Do you miss your Twin Flame all the time?


Last night, I had a great evening doing all the things that make me happy. I had quality me-time and I barely felt compelled to think of my Twin Flame.

I have a friend who is trying to be close to me and we both have so much in common but I cannot see past the Twin Flame connection.

When I woke up, I felt like a part of me was missing because it felt like I was ignoring my Twin Flame connection since I tended to ignore thoughts of him. I missed feeling the intense connection and I instantly started thinking of him right away. 

When I try to resist the connection or block thoughts of my Twin Flame, I feel disconnected from within. The Twin Flame connection is a natural aspect of me that his essence merges with mine all the time.

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What do you do when you feel the urge to reach out to your Twin Flame yet the situation is awkward?


This is a Twin Flame dilemma because it is not easy to suppress the urges when you feel compelled to reach out to your Twin Flame even though they don’t want to talk to you. 

For me, when I get the urge to reach out to him, I do not resist the compulsion because every aspect of the Twin Flame journey is divinely guided. 

Every time you feel the compulsion to reach out to your Twin Flame, there is an important reason why the universe is always trying to align you with your Twin Flame. 


After going through the Twin Flame journey for almost three years, I now understand that there will never be perfect timing for anything to happen especially the fact you have no control over how events unfold during your journey.

What matters the most is the kind of message that you intend to send to your Twin Flame when you reach out to them.

Also don’t have any expectations of how your Twin Flame will respond to your message because you have no control over their actions. 

If you send love to your Twin Flame all the time, it yields positive results and it also improves your relationship as you progress further on your journey.

Life is short and unpredictable so do what makes you happy all the time.

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How do you balance the Twin Flame energy to feel the Oneness?

Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

As a Twin Flame, you have the same energetic Signature as your partner and you both vibrate at the same energetic frequency.

If your Twin Flame is struggling with their energy; if your Twin Flame has a low energetic vibe, it affects your energy too.

The Twin Flame journey teaches you to accept change in every aspect of your life.

When you meet your Twin Flame for the first time, you feel a shift in your energy. Your Twin Flame encounter triggers an energetic merge and you both feel as if you both downloaded your energy into each other.

Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy For Beginners

Being a Twin Flame requires you to accept the energetic merging so that you can balance the energetic oneness with your Twin Flame.

When you run from your Twin Flame, it means that you deny feeling the energetic merging and you choose to physically block your Twin Flame assuming that it would make you stop feeling the connection.

If you are a Chaser Twin Flame, it means that you are denying yourself to embrace the energetic merging because instead of embracing the connection from your heart, you physically focus on chasing your Twin Flame partner.

To find the energetic balance between you and your Twin Flame, you go through a series of energetic purging processes to purify your energy.

When you feel energetically cleansed, your Twin Flame feels it too, and the more you heal your core wounding, the more blissful you both feel.

Once your energy merges with your Twin Flame completely, you feel the energetic Oneness that already exists from the source of the shared soul.

You are always one with your Twin Flame but it takes love lessons to learn to embrace how you feel.

In essence, your Twin Flame is you because you are one in the soul.

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What is the Twin Flame Energetic Union?

Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

Twin Flame Union is when you feel the Oneness with your Twin Flame no matter how far you are physically separated from each other.

To feel the Oneness with your Twin Flame is only achieved if you accept to submit to the soul lessons that you experience during your Twin Flame journey so that you can transform into your authentic self.

A runner Twin Flame also goes through the challenging soul lessons, the spiritual awakening processes like the night of the soul, enlightenment, spiritual growth, self-rediscovery, and self-transformation.

Nothing can stop the unconditional love that Twin Flames feel for each other. This is why you are constantly remembering each other wherever you are in the world.

No matter what your Twin Flame does to run from you, the love you feel for them heals you from within. you let it overflow to everything and everyone around you.

After you find healing along the Twin Flame journey, you feel like you have a light to you — your energetic vibration is positive. You attract love into your life.

You also attract friends who vibrate at the same energetic wavelength as you. You create meaningful relationships in your life.

The Twin Flame love inspires you to feel optimistic about life whether you are in the phase of physical separation or not: You feel like you can achieve your wildest dreams because you feel the Oneness within.

You feel that your shared energy is magical because you feel the power from within to create a meaningful life by focusing on your passions and talents.

The journey to self-rediscovery not only transforms you into your authentic self but also empowers you to embrace self-love.

Loving yourself is indeed the greatest Revolution. Self-love is true love forever.

If you desire a harmonious physical reunion with your Twin Flame, you must make it your daily goal to pursue it. Work hard to fix your life so that you feel ready to be together with your Twin Flame.
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How do you feel your Twin Flame in heart space?


When it comes to the Twin Flame connection, you feel every emotion and feeling using your heart space. It is a learning process to embrace feeling a Twin Flame connection because it gets confusing at first when you are new.

When you chase a TwinFlame or run from the connection, it is because you have not yet learned to embrace your experiences with an open heart. You are afraid to feel your Twin Flame from within. You chase your Twin Flame thinking that he or she has the answers to the questions that you have. 

On the other hand, when you run from the connection, you are also afraid of feeling the connection. You think that if you blocked your Twin Flame from your life, you will feel better — you assume that the connection would fade.

Both the Twin Flame runner and the chaser must learn to embrace the connection from the heart space. You both have to accept how you feel within.

The Twin Flame journey is called the battle from within the self because you travel within yourself. You take the journey by listening to your soul; you have to open your heart to the connection. You have to let the Twin Flame feelings consume you.

When you start listening to yourself; how you feel, the Twin Flame process becomes easier. Being a Twin Flame becomes more of a blessing. You realize that understanding the nature of your Twin Flame situation is more important than running or chasing.

The Twin Flame journey exists not only to teach you how to embrace the Twin Flame energy but also to expose the gifts of Twin Flame Awakening.

You learn whether your Twin Flame is in your life or not, it does not change how you feel. The love connection keeps growing. You evolve and transform into a being of love and light. You feel free from the pain and fears that blinded you from your inner power.

Stages of the Twin Flame Love

You have always been a Twin Flame. Before you encounter your divine partner, you feel like you were not living life to the fullest because you were blind to yourself. The Twin Flame encounter triggers you into a process of Awakening to yourself psychologically, Spiritually, emotionally, and energetically.

The Twin Flame encounter is a blessing because when you wake up to yourself, you start to live a life of truth and authenticity. You seek to manifest your Spiritual gifts. You gain enlightenment and a shift in the paradigm of your life situation.

Going through the changes after the Twin Flame Awakening is inevitable. Your energetic vibration changes. You want to align yourself with things and people with the same vibration frequency. You end up changing your friends, acquaintances, and other relationships. You change your job if it does not make you happy. 

If you are married when you meet a Twin Flame, you are forced to either divorce if you are in an unhappy marriage or improve your karmic situation. Both choices require you to embrace the changes that the Twin Flame encounter triggers in your life.

You do not have to necessarily leave your karmic partner if you are in a relationship. Sometimes a Twin Flame is not the perfect relationship partner. Some Twin Flames walk into your life to inspire you to wake up to yourself and your life situation. A Twin Flame encounter does not have to be romantic all the time.

In my case, I met my Twin Flame and dissolved my unhappy marriage but I am happy being single. I am happy without my Twin Flame and my previous karmic partner. I trust that if a reunion with my Twin Flame happens, it is because it was meant to be.


I still feel the Twin Flame connection — I am still going through the changes that the Twin Flame experience triggered within me. I believe in divine timing. I am also thankful for meeting my Twin Flame.

I have learned to accumulate happiness and peace in my life. I find joy in everything that I do.

The Twin Flame separation phase has given me ample time to embrace my blessings. I learned to unlock the gifts of being a Twin Flame. 

Every new day is a chance to rediscover more blessings.

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Can a Twin Flame Runner move on from the connection and marry someone else?

Karmic Partners: How do you focus on yourself when you know that your Twin Flame is married to someone else?

Your Twin Flame runner can find someone else, marry them, and even make a family with them after you are physically separated. 

You have no control over your Twin Flame’s behavior. More so, you have no control over the process of your Twin Flame journey.

It is very sad when some Twin Flames meet in this life. They are not meant to have a physical relationship because not every Twin Flame couple is meant to have a physical relationship. 

In this instance when Twin Flames are not destined to end up together in a relationship as romantic partners, your Twin Flame triggers you to awaken to yourself. You go through the invigorating Spiritual transformation process.

For some Twin Flames who are meant to be romantic partners in this lifetime, no matter how much difficulty they face during their physical separation phase, they always find a way back to each other.

Other Twin Flames who are afraid of embracing the change that Twin Flame encounter brings to grow and transform into their authentic selves, always end up going through endless cycles of running and chasing. You go through prolonged phases of physical separation until both partners embrace every aspect of their journey.

Your Twin Flame runner can choose to ignore you, resist the connection, and move on with their lives in a new relationship with someone else. Nothing can change the unconditional love they feel for you. 

Resisting the Twin Flame love is the most excruciating moment of your life because no matter what you both do, nothing changes the intensity of the love connection that you feel for each other in your hearts.

 As a Twin Flame chaser, you always assume that your Twin Flame runner is happy with someone else because they seem to have found happiness in a new relationship. That is not the case.

Your Twin Flame is also haunted by thoughts of you daily and they have a deep desire to be close to you.

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Karmic Partners: How do you focus on yourself when you know that your Twin Flame is married to someone else?

From my experience of being temporarily a runner in Twin Flame, you never stop thinking of your Twin Flame every second of the day, if you block out thoughts of them, you feel the connection eating at you because of the Soul intimacy that you share.

You always feel your Twin Flame sending to you feelings of love when they are thinking of you and when they miss you, you feel your Twin Flame’s longing for you in form of heartache or emotional pain. 

The Twin Flame runner always feels the connection as much as the Twin Flame chaser does.

Sometimes you get physical heartaches because of the intense shared energy of Oneness and if you try to ignore the connection within, the process of the energetic share with your Twin Flame interferes with your emotional state which affects your mood swings and emotional wellbeing. 

Your emotional state affects how you relate with the people around you and it also affects those who rely on you for emotional support like your new karmic relationship and family members if you have children.

The Twin Flame runner suffers the most during the physical separation phase because of the tendency to deny unconditional love and the Twin Flame connection altogether. 

The inner resistance that you feel like a runner in Twin Flame is very challenging to deal with because you are constantly thinking of how to block the connection and ignore your Twin Flame instead of focusing on how to move on with your life.

If your Twin Flame partner is chasing you, you are constantly finding clever ways to avoid them. This means that you are constantly thinking of them because the Twin Flame experience takes over your life once you acknowledge each other.

Sometimes memories of the initial encounter catch you by surprise and you start reminiscing about the fun time that you had while you were together during the bubble love phase.

You also keep comparing your new karmic partner’s behavior to how your Twin Flame treated you during your initial encounter. This is because no love is as authentic as Twin Flame love, and it is only your Twin Flame who can reciprocate it and fill the void that you feel.

Your dreams are filled with your Twin Flame because the souls do not understand the physical separation. You dream of your Twin Flame whether you like it or not and the energetic share is always intensely felt.

When you encounter your Twin Flame, you are triggered into a Soul Awakening phase where you feel the energetic merge with them. You continuously feel the energy of Oneness with your Twin Flame until you learn to balance yourself from within to feel and act as one single energetic unit.

Separation from a Twin Flame brings all sorts of feelings to the surface. What simple tips are you using to manage your situation?
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Who is a Twin Flame Runner?

Karmic Partners: How do you focus on yourself when you know that your Twin Flame is married to someone else?

When he or she is running from a Twin Flame, they think that they are clever. A Twin Flame runner finds different exotic ways to disguise the love emotions he or she feels. From my experiences, you cannot hide love or run from it. Even though a Twin Flame runs from you, he or she is tormented by the connection. You feel drawn to each other all the time.

You cannot stop thinking of a Twin Flame. You feel each other’s energy. Sometimes you have the same thoughts. You feel like you live inside each other. Even though are asleep, you feel your Twin Flame love connection. Sometimes you can see your Twin Flame’s eyes when you close yours.

I was initially the runner and then became the chaser. The situation first became dire before I settled into the Twin Flame energy. I had to find inner harmony and balance. I went through a series of love lessons to understand why I was chasing or running from my Twin Flame.

I thought that it was clever of me to stop talking to him. I was very confused about why my tactics of escaping him did not work. Blocking my Twin Flame escalated the emotional chaos that I felt. I was tormented by the love feelings.

When I tried to block my thoughts from racing toward him, I was attacked by the intense energetic share. I could feel his love when I was asleep, I could see him in my dreams. The telepathic communication between us intensified. I could hear thoughts of him as if our souls were whispering to each other.

I learned that whether you chase your Twin Flame or not, there is no separation between you. You feel each other as much as you are in the same room. You live inside each other.

When you meet a Twin Flame, you know within yourself that you are created to be with each other. The accelerated love lessons that you go through exist to remind you of your authenticity. You shed the negative energy that you inhibit that pushes you to run from him or her. You also heal yourself; you unlearn bad habits. 

In the end, the runner Twin Flame learns that you cannot be clever because the Twin Flame process is divinely guided. There is a higher power at play. You also learn that you have always been a Twin Flame before you find each other. 

The runner learns to put up an inner resistance to the Twin Flame connection before he or she accepts to surrender. You get to a point where you feel exhausted from running from love. Love is everything that we are. 

As a runner Twin Flame, you finally surrender — you let the connection consume you. Accepting your Twin Flame experience is a very uncomfortable process at first. You have to let the journey take its course. You take a journey within yourself into the darkest parts of your soul.

You embark on a journey to self-rediscovery. You learn to love and appreciate yourself. You let unconditional love consume you until it overflows into your life situation and everything that you do.

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