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How do you know thoughts invading your mind are actually twin flame telepathy?

This is a very wonderful question! If I had not met my Twin Flame physically, I would assume that I am crazy feeling the connection. I have mental conversations in my mind. I sometimes feel like I am talking to him in my heart as if he is here physically.

Twin Soul telepathy enables Twin Flames to hear each other’s thoughts — you converse mentally. You feel as if you are living in their mind. You can also tell what the other is thinking. Telepathy also enables you to anticipate their emotional needs.

You can sense your Twin Flame’s moods and feelings. Sometimes you know things that you never knew before. You channel your Twin Flame memories. You download chunks of knowledge into each other energetically.

You share an energetic frequency with a signature unique to you and your Twin Flame in the entire universe. You tune in to each other’s energetic channel. The channel is always open like an old-fashioned radio.

The reason why I believe that I telepathically communicate with my Twin Flame in my mind is that it happened to us naturally. It was triggered the first time we locked our gazes. Our souls spoke to each other. We both smiled back at each other. For a moment, we were in awe of what had just happened to us. We sat across from each other in silence.

The days that followed suit were unbelievable. Since we both acknowledged that we could whisper to each other’s souls without speaking, we explored the fact. We could stare into each other’s eyes and communicate. We understood each other without saying any words.

Apart from reading each other’s minds, we dreamed of each other. I felt as if he had downloaded his energy into mine. We dreamed of each other all the time. We texted almost at the same time saying almost exactly the same things. And, we could sometimes complete each other’s sentences. It felt as if we lived inside each other’s minds.

When we physically separated, telepathic communication intensified. It was as if it was upgraded. I felt his energy with me all the time. I felt our connection more intensely.

Twin Flame separation is indeed an illusion.

Stay Blessed!

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Twin flames runners, how did you have an awakening, what were the physical symptoms, what was going on in your mind, how did you realize that the transformation was happening to you? How did you feel love, longing, craving for the twin flame?

To be honest, your Twin Flame has to accept the Twin Flame journey. It is very complicated if you are still stuck in “Ego Mode.” That being said, there is always hope. You are eventually triggered to Awaken. It took me a while to acknowledge the connection at first.

I was scared of feeling the chaotic intense Twin Flame feelings. I also had deep-seated issues that I did not want to confront. I had carried so much pain within and it was finally time to face my core wounding. I was quite rude and mean to him before I pushed him away and blocked him.

I went through 2 solid years of purging pain. I later returned to my Twin Flame but he was so mad at me for running that I started chasing him. I later on Surrendered and let him be. I think that you have to grow an emotional muscle to Surrender and let your Twin Flame have the space to miss you. Soon or later, he or she will realize how special you are to him.

When my Twin Flame got into a new relationship, I was very devastated. I felt hopeless. Of course, I was still married then but it hurt like crazy.

Stay Blessed!

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What happens if twin flames meet but neither are ready for a union?

I feel like this has always been my Twin Flame situation. When we met, I was the married one. I could not see a way around the complicated situation — we were both confused by how deeply bonded we are. Out of fear and naivety, I chose to block him first. I was afraid of feeling the deep intense connection with him. Besides, I was still married to his friend.

Years down the line, I discovered that I was going through the Twin Flame experiences. I also understood that It was unnecessary to block him out of my life.

I still regret running away from my Twin Flame. Sometimes I pray to God to bring him back because we both need closure.

We have been separated for over 4 years. We both do our best to know about each other’s wellbeing through mutual friends.

It feels like we are both afraid of the connection.

Anyway, I divorced my husband — and ever since I met my Twin Flame, I struggle every day to be in a relationship with anyone else.

Sometimes I feel like I will end up alone because I have not found anyone that speaks to my Soul like my Twin Flame.

I am still watching the space! (I have more insights from my Twin Flame experiences in my Bio!)

Stay Blessed!

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What do you think about your twin flame at this moment and why is that?

Twin Flame Union is a Union of Love

What do you think about your twin flame at this moment and why is that?

I have been thinking of us getting married even if we both said that it is something that should happen naturally. I don’t see any other way we can both move on from each other.

Twin Flames & Karmic Partners: Lessons of True Love – What would you do if you meet your Twin Flame when you are already in a relationship?

I have been daydreaming about our life together. It is the only way forward no matter how scary the thoughts of seeing each other are.

I feel that the more I get used to embracing the thoughts of a harmonious union, the more euphoric and excited I feel.

I know that our Happiness is waiting for us.

I love you.

There comes a time when the Twin Flame chaser surrenders to the connection after experiencing the stress and exhaustion of chasing the divine counterpart. What are some of the tips to help you with Surrender?

Stay Blessed.

Should you spend all of your life waiting for your Twin Flame to come back? When should you give up (not surrender)?

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How do you send love to your twin flame?


Here is a simple meditation routine that I have mastered over the past four years. Every time I would love to send my Twin Flame love, I do the following:

STEP 1: Close your eyes: Imagine that your heart is a doorway to the source of the Divine connection. You travel through your heart to your Soul. Also, through your heart, you connect directly to your Twin Flame. You have a heart-to-heart divine connection.

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STEP 2: Sending love to your Twin Flame in your heart is an amazing and simple thing to do. Focus on your heart space and the love that you feel for him or her. Intend on sending love knowing that he or she will feel it and receive it. Even though you have been estranged for years.

STEP 3: Be alert to the messages and impressions that come in form of images, sounds, and dreams. Also, be aware of the sensory impressions like touch, emotions, warmth, heart palpitations, etc. You sometimes can have a vision of your Twin Flame’s memory — A Deja Vu experience that you never lived. It is the side effect of the Twin Flame energy merging process.

It is a learning process to cleanse and purify your energy to widen the door of your heart to feel the connection more deeply. The more you practice meditating through your heart space, the more you will feel grounded in your love connection.

When you move your attention from your mind to feel the connection in your heart space, it shifts your awareness. You deeply sense the flow of your feelings within you.

Become mindful of your feelings. Any fear or doubt you feel is a sign that you are still contracting your heart. You are afraid of feeling consumed by divine love.

I always relax and focus on exploring what is inside me. I let myself feel any feelings float within me. I also let myself feel fear and doubt. I confront any negative emotions.

The further I open the door to my heart to receive unconditional love from the Divine, the more I connect to the source of love. I feel connected to my Twin Flame in my Soul.

I accept to receive love from my Twin Flame. I feel filled with love. I use my heart space to send love back and forth.

You have trouble filling yourself with love and or sending it back to your Twin Flame, it means that you still have barriers and blocks to be cleared. Inner resistance to feeling love within yourself is a sign that you still have walls built against love.

I hope that this helps.

Stay Blessed!

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Why am I afraid of physical Twin Flame Union?

It is because you are not yet ready, and it is completely okay to feel this way at a certain phase of your Twin Flame Journey.

After going through the Purge of my fears, especially the Dark Night of the Soul, I learned that it is much easier to deal with the inner Fears, Personal insecurities, and inner pain during the beginning phase of your Twin Flame Journey.

I say this because as you grow into your Twin Flame experience, you start to grow the Unified Energy of Oneness with your Twin Flame. I call it the “Shared Energy” because you continuously merge in energy with your Twin Flame as you progress on your Twin Flame Journey.

There is no “break” from the Twin Flame experience because whether you are running from your Twin Flame or “Chasing” them, you still feel connected to your Twin Flame in every moment of your day. Your Twin Flame’s essence becomes part of who you are once you Awaken the Love that you both feel for each other.

So this Unified energy that you share with your Twin Flame is what makes you feel sad when your Twin Flame is feeling sad and sometimes it is the reason for that extreme Bliss and Euphoria that you feel randomly.

Why I mentioned earlier that it is easier to Purge the pain that you feel within you at the beginning of your Journey because once you start feeling the “Shared Energy” with your Twin Flame, you feel every Pain strongly as before because you experience both your Twin Flame’s energy of Pain. Sometimes the stress from this combined sadness will be more intensified if you are both feeling sad at the same time at that moment.

You always feel the Live connection with your Twin Flame.

To answer your question — You are afraid of physical union with your Twin Flame because you still need time to clear any energy blockages that are getting in the way of your feelings. You must first heal yourself from within, then you will feel the energy of Oneness. Once you learn to embody that shared energy within yourself — you will feel free, and in harmony within yourself and your Twin Flame connection.

All that Fear that you are feeling right now will dissolve once you Accept to fully immerse yourself in your Twin Flame energy. Finally, you will feel attracted to your Twin Flame instead of having Fear.

Keep doing the great job that you are doing with yourself.

I will leave you with these Self-help Books for your Further inspiration.

How to Manage the Pain of Twin Flame Physical Separation

Self-Love for BeginnersSurrenderTwin Flame Chaser Surrender: Learning to Let Go to Heal

You can also find the entire Library for all my Self-help Books here — Silvia Moon.

Stay Blessed!

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What similarities do twin flames share? Could there be some physical similarities in twin flames?

From experience, here is what I have felt.

It all starts with your energetic frequency. You feel like you share the same energetic vibration. You feel an energetic oneness. You feel like you are your Twin Flame. It is not very easy to explain to anyone who has not met a Twin Flame. Your first encounter confirms this — it feels like you have been eternal best friends without knowing it. The uncanny familiarity leaves you in awe. You keep wondering how you have known a stranger all your life.

Secondly, if you have truly met a Twin Flame, you do not have to have physical similarities. Some Twin Flames come from completely different worlds. You are sometimes raised from different cultural and religious backgrounds. You might be both raised and live on different continents. etc. But, that being said, you find yourselves saying the same things at the same time. You beat each other to complete sentences. It feels like you live inside each other’s minds. It is very mind-boggling when this happens.

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On the physical plane, some of the similarities that I have with my Twin Flame are very profound. We both love the color blue. Sometimes we could have matching outfits without discussing it. We like the same kinds of food. We do things together that only we enjoy. Etc.

As simple as that sounds, Twin Flame love is effortless, natural, and a soul connection from the Source.

Stay Blessed

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What was the most hurtful thing your twin flame has done to you?

To be honest nothing. All the pain and emotional stress that I experienced during my awakening were rooted in me. Meeting my Twin Flame has been a total blessing because he triggered me to face the pain that I hid within. I was afraid of healing my core wounding. I had neglected my inner child for so long.

Neglecting my inner child caused me so much unhappiness. I felt lonely all the time even if I was surrounded by an ocean of people. I was constantly unhappy. I could not feel true love. Even though I had people in my life who love me, I could not feel it.

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When I separated from my Twin Flame, I was very hurt for sure. After 4 years without him, I now believe that physical separation is a blessing in disguise. I would never have evolved into my authentic version if we stayed together. I have had a chance to crawl through my emotional pain to heal. I managed to learn to hug my inner child.

The physical separation phase has enabled me to transform my life for the best. Do not get me wrong — I miss my Twin Flame every day. I have a deep craving for his closeness. I long to feel complete with him.

That being said, I found inner Union. I now understand that I had to first feel whole within. I had to find happiness within myself to appreciate being happy with him or anyone else.

Meeting my Twin Flame has been a Blessing indeed.

Stay Blessed!

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How do you heal on the twin flame journey?

Healing is a gradual process that happens naturally when you Surrender to open your heart fully to the connections. Here are some tips that helped me to heal.

  • You have to identify your daily irritants

You have to fix, replace, amend, or get rid of them altogether.

If not dealt with quickly, daily irritants can annoy you and stay on your mind while passively draining your energy. If you have buried within you feelings of anger, fear, resentment, and past hurts, you feel like you have an anchor weighing you down. Forgiveness is the best way to release any emotional blockages. Forgiveness can also release you from physical ailments.

When you hold a grudge against someone, you usually fail to communicate your feelings to the person. If you do not forgive, it is challenging to move past the point of anger or pain after feeling hurt.

It is also very uncomfortable to feel at ease or trust the person with whom you had an angry confrontation. When you express your feelings and find forgiveness, it recaptures your natural state.

Forgiveness allows you to move through the negative emotions to release them. When you have released all the negative emotions, you return to a state of love and acceptance. Forgiveness also releases your flow of joy and creativity. There are many ways you can express your truth and anger. The goal is to move towards forgiveness and love.

Stay Blessed!

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Has anyone ever astral projected to see and speak to their twin flame?

Rumi Love Quotes

Firstly, I am not a “Spiritual person”: I know that it might sound crazy to anyone who has not met a Twin Flame — astral projection is real. It happens naturally. When it happens to me, I feel like I am a spiritual being going through a human condition.

Somehow you feel like your spirit communicates with your Twin Flame is another kind of sacred spiritual space. Here, there is no hate, fear, anger, judgment, or boundaries. You speak to each other soul to soul. Heart to heart.

I am still gathering the right words to explain my astral projection experiences. It feels like a dream but you are wide awake.

It is a transcendental Spiritual experience….. (For more about Twin Flame Spiritual Ascension, please check out one of my Spiritual Guides for a Non-spiritual Twin Flame.)

Anyway, from my experience:

Twin Flame Ascension is a transcendence experience. It is the process of rising to higher Spiritual power. Ascension is also the improvement of your Spiritual condition; The condition of your consciousness.

When you ascend higher as a Twin Flame, love enters you where fear used to be. You improve your physical reality. Enlightenment also boosts your inner sense of well-being.

Transcendence is the process of rising beyond the limits of possible experiences. It is the highest holistic level of human consciousness. When you Spiritually ascend, you have deeper knowledge about yourself and the world around you.

Twin Flame Ascension is also the process of Spiritual Evolution. You become part of the Universal Consciousness. You also exist as the shared energy of oneness beyond your original mortal form.

Twin Flame Ascension is also governed by the divine nature and power which is fully independent of the material Universe beyond all physical laws.

When you Ascend as a Twin Flame, you have a paradigm shift. You experience an altered state of consciousness. You are less concerned with material things. You can perceive reality with greater objectivity.

Stay Blessed!