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What are the signs of soul merging?

Twin Flame Union is when you feel the Oneness with your Twin Flame no matter how far you are physically separated from each other.

To feel the Oneness with your Twin Flame is only achieved if you accept to submit to the soul lessons that you experience during your Twin Flame journey so that you can transform into your authentic self.

A runner Twin Flame also goes through the challenging soul lessons, the spiritual awakening processes like the night of the soul, enlightenment, spiritual growth, self-rediscovery, and self-transformation.

Nothing can stop the unconditional love that Twin Flames feel for each other. This is why you are constantly remembering each other wherever you are in the world.

No matter what your Twin Flame does to run from you, the love you feel for them heals you from within. you let it overflow to everything and everyone around you.

After you find healing along the Twin Flame journey, you feel like you have a light to you — your energetic vibration is positive. You attract love into your life.

You also attract friends who vibrate at the same energetic wavelength as you. You create meaningful relationships in your life.

The Twin Flame love inspires you to feel optimistic about life whether you are in the phase of physical separation or not: You feel like you can achieve your wildest dreams because you feel the Oneness within.

You feel that your shared energy is magical because you feel the power from within to create a meaningful life by focusing on your passions and talents. The journey to self-rediscovery not only transforms you into your authentic self but also empowers you to embrace self-love.

Loving yourself is indeed the greatest Revolution. Self-love is true love forever.
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“How do you balance the Twin Flame energy to feel the Oneness?”

As a Twin Flame, you have the same energetic Signature as your partner and you both vibrate at the same energetic frequency. If your Twin Flame is struggling with its energy; if your Twin Flame has a low energetic vibe, it affects your energy too.

The Twin Flame journey teaches you to accept change in every aspect of your life.

When you meet your Twin Flame for the first time, you feel a shift in your energy. Your Twin Flame encounter triggers an energetic merge and you both feel as if you both downloaded your energy into each other.

Being a Twin Flame requires you to accept the energetic merging so that you can balance the energetic oneness with your Twin Flame.

When you run from your Twin Flame, it means that you deny feeling the energetic merging and you choose to physically block your Twin Flame assuming that it would make you stop feeling the connection.

If you are a Chaser Twin Flame, it means that you are denying yourself to embrace the energetic merging because instead of embracing the connection from your heart, you physically focus on chasing your Twin Flame partner.

To find the energetic balance between you and your Twin Flame, you go through a series of energetic purging processes to purify your energy.

When you feel energetically cleansed, your Twin Flame feels it too, and the more you heal your core wounding, the more blissful you both feel.

Once your energy merges with your Twin Flame completely, you feel the energetic Oneness that already exists from the source of the shared soul.

You are always one with your Twin Flame but it takes love lessons to learn to embrace how you feel.

In essence, your Twin Flame is you because you are one in the soul.

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How do you prepare for a Twin flame reunion? 

You have to believe that a reunion with your Twin Flame is possible and attainable — you must have faith in your connection and also believe that you deserve to achieve all your heart’s deepest desires.

Prepare your space:

Your inner vibration must align with your physical circumstances and your daily actions must support you to succeed. 

For your desires to quickly manifest, you have to prepare yourself, and your physical life, and plan for the future as well. 

If you have met your Twin Flame in the physical and if you have also had the chance to live together, you already know how it feels like to have your Twin Flame in your life therefore, emulate the energetic vibration and let it manifest in your physical life.

Love yourself:

Self-love is one of the most challenging journeys because you are asked to love every part of yourself and heal your core wounding; the beginning is the toughest but you ease into it once you realize how happy you are when you love yourself.

For a lasting Twin Flame reunion, you must prepare yourself and know every part of yourself so that you are not triggered into another phase of chasing and running.

Make goals and plans for your reunion:

The physical reunion with your Twin Flame is only the beginning of forever and the journey does not end after you reunite rather, it is the initiation into another phase of embracing the gifts of unconditional love.

You have to learn to see yourself with your Twin Flame beyond the physical reunion and prepare yourself to grow a long-lasting relationship after you meet again.

Ask yourself the important questions like; Will you have a family together? How will your living situation be? What kind of life will you have as one with your Twin Flame? What changes will you have to make so that you can both happily live together?

Communicate with your Twin Flame:

Mend the relationship or friendship with your Twin Flame so that you can communicate. 

There is always forgiveness when it comes to your Twin Flame and you also have to make sure that you are on the same wavelength.

If you are working towards a reunion, you must be on the same page with your Twin Flame in some way.

Don’t let yourself be left on the sidelines, always make sure that your Twin Flame knows how you feel for them, and also be sure of how they feel for you.
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Signs of inner union

  • You feel unceasing inner harmony; you sit in your power. You feel unhurried — you are in control of your feelings. You feel endless inner peace. You feel connected to the source of your being. 
  • You do not worry about your Twin Flame’s behavior. You feel the connection within you. You know for sure that they feel the same way. After you feel complete union within, you think eternally married to your Twin Flame. You relax and watch your life unfold as it was divinely planned. 
  • You feel no envy or jealousy in case your Twin Flame is dating someone else. You have no fear that the connection would fade. You instead pity whoever your Twin Flame is dating because you know that you have an eternal pact with him or her. You also understand that even though your Twin Flame chooses to move on and marry someone else, you have their Soul. You know that as long as you both walk the earth, you will never be happy with anyone else but each other.
  • You trust the divine to guide your journey. If you were trying to be the driver of your Twin Flame bus, you give up the keys to the Universe and trust that you will arrive at your destination happily.

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How is telepathy practiced, and how will one be able to recognize it?

  • Double heartbeats: When you energetically communicate with a Twin Flame, you feel both your hearts beat as one. You hear beat changes and you feel an increase in the intensity. This is when I know without a doubt that he is thinking of me.
  • Heart Chakra heats up: When I open my heart to receive love from my Twin Flame, it feels euphoric and feels like I am high on love. My heart area heats up with warm feelings of love that he sends my way and I usually send back feelings of love.
  • Mental conversations: I always feel like I am talking to my Twin Flame in my head. The conversations sound real and usually are about circumstances going on in our lives.
  • Tingling sensations: sometimes I feel physical sensations as if my Twin Flame is running his fingers all over my body. Sometimes I feel sensual touches as if I am being embraced by my Twin Flame.
  • Soul Whispers: Sometimes I hear whispers of “I love you” or “I miss you” as if he is right behind me. I could hear the Soul’s whispers when we were physically together and it is how I know that he loves me unconditionally even though we are physically separated.
  • Soul Intimacy: You feel the Oneness with your Twin Flame and this is why you are not able to successfully move on. You feel as if you are constantly making love to each other in the soul.
  • Dreams: You are constantly communicating with your Twin Flame and this is why you feel their presence in your dreams when you sleep. You can send each other messages as you sleep and your bond grows stronger the more you dream of each other.
  • Twin Flame thoughts: You are constantly thinking of your Twin Flame and they think of you too! It is nonstop whether you acknowledge thoughts of your Twin Flame or not because it is a vicious cycle between the divine pair.
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Does the runner/chaser switch?

Most of the time before you grow out of the running and chasing phases, you both experience being both a runner and Chaser even though the events are brief and insignificant.

There was a time when I intensely chased my Twin Flame after I tried to block him out of my life. I wanted to ask for forgiveness for trying to run away from him and I pushed him further away. If you are struggling with the pain of Separation, here are some recovery tips for you.

Whenever I stopped chasing him, he would come back into my life abruptly and in most cases, I never felt ready to talk to him so I ended up trying to run and hide from him because I felt overwhelmed thinking of reconnecting with him.

There is a phase on your journey when you feel exhausted from chasing your Twin Flame so you choose to surrender and accept the situation.

Also as a Chaser Twin Flame, you get used to a life without your Twin Flame; you accept the emptiness that you feel and keep moving on with your life.

Sometimes you completely accept to miss your Twin Flame and you choose to replace the longing that you feel with things that bring love and meaning into your life.

You love your Twin Flame but you choose to move on with someone else — you know it in your soul that you will never love anyone else the way you love your Twin Flame but you carry on with the journey of life.
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Twin Flame Chaser VS Runner

When you are chasing a Twin Flame, your energy feels chaotic. You also think blocked. Since you are in the same energetic system, your Twin Flame partner feels emotional chaos. If they are also going through an energy purging phase, your chaotic emotions apply to her emotional pain. You are Yin and Yang to each other. When you finally Surrender and let your Twin Flame have his or her space, you feel the change in your shared energetic vibration. Your Twin Flame runner feels it too.

If nothing is chasing you, there is no reason to run. When you stop chasing, your divine partner realizes it too.
When I blocked my Twin Flame, I was running from him. Then he seemed calm. I became nervous. I panicked. My running from him did not seem to bother him. It threw me into a series of agony and frustration. I started chasing him.
My Twin Flame seemed happy and fine without me. He focused his energy on himself when I ran away from him. I was antagonized by his calmness. I thought that he was forgetting me.
I missed him every day. I felt a void within me. I felt guilty for sabotaging our communication. I was naive about the Twin Flame experiences.

When the Twin Flame runner is about to return, you go through the following experiences:
Your Dreams change

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The Dark Night Of The Soul.

To a degree, you have experienced the dark night of the soul experience to some degree at a certain point in your life whether you have been triggered into the Twin Flame Awakening process or not. We are all Spiritual Beings going through a Human Experience.

If you have not yet experienced it, you will one day get triggered by an incident in your life: In extreme cases, some people are triggered by dear death experiences — you start to question your life situation and the nature of your wellbeing. You embark on a journey of enlightenment; you crave to align yourself with things and people who vibrate at a higher positive energetic vibration.

When you go through a Spiritual Awakening of any kind, you seek peace, authenticity, truth, and happiness. You wake up to your life situation — you seek a life of purpose. You feel like you have a chance to relive your life. You explore the universe within you.

This simple book’s perspective is from my Twin Flame Awakening experiences: Everyone has a Twin Flame, it is only a matter of finding each other.

Our initial encounter triggered the Awakening to the Twin Flame connection and the Spiritual Awakening process.

My life changed for the best — I finally rediscovered myself. I found my authentic version.

Over the past three years, I have learned so much about myself. When I look in the mirror lately, I barely recognize myself. All I see is love.

Stay Blessed!

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Are Twin Flames special to each other?

When you meet a Twin Flame, you have an imminent feeling that he or she is yours and you are theirs no matter what separates you. You see each other in a way that nobody else does. The more I ran from my Twin Flame, the more I was hit by the truth that soon or later, I will have to confront him and our uncomfortable situation. I also partly blocked him because I was still married. All in all a Twin Flame is like a beautiful curse; you live inside each other and you cannot escape the beautiful love connection no matter what you do to deny how you feel. You are the missing piece of the puzzle to each other.
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What are the simple things to do to raise your energetic vibration when you miss your Twin Flame?

The Running and Chasing

You will always miss your Twin Flame because you are One in the soul and it takes time to get used to living life without them during the Separation phase. 

You have to find ways to accumulate happiness and joy in your life so that you can keep living your life.

Find friends who are experiencing the Twin Flame journey to inspire you to stay positive. Talking to friends helps to release any stress that you are feeling and you will feel understood by them because they know how you feel.

Channel the Twin Flame love that you feel into something meaningful. When you finally heal and become your authentic self, you start vibrating at a high frequency energetically and you feel unconditional love within you. Use your talents and skills to channel the unconditional love into something that can uplift and heal the human collective. 

Embrace Solitude: Always reserve moments of Quality time throughout the day so that you can get to know yourself. Learn to feel happy without Twin Flame because happiness grows within you. Embracing Solitude allows you time to meditate and feel your Twin Flame’s love through the heart space.

Do physical exercise whenever you feel energetically bogged. It can be as simple as taking walks in nature or going to the gym. You can also teach yourself how to do yoga and other home exercises using an app or by joining free online sessions.

Journal your feelings — writing about how you feel is a therapeutic experience because you release all the stress.

Find ways to be happy!