My Journey

When I started searching for answers to my truth in the beginning, I had nowhere to turn for advice and comfort. I sounded delusional every time I brought up the topic of what was happening to me emotionally, physically and mentally to my close friends. I was experiencing a storm of feelings of all sorts from grieving to joy to sadness to helpless and numbness. Every single day came with its own kind intensity to the chaotic emotions from the spiritual experience. Even when I looked on the internet, it was confusing and there was so much information for me to process. Sometimes I could resonate with somebody’s experience but then later I could find another piece of information that contradicted with the truths, facts and the flow of different personal journeys.

If you are reading this it means that; you are either searching for answers; questioning your situation or looking for a confirmation to a knowing of inner truth that is way beyond your heart and your own soul. A knowing that you are experiencing something different. You are special and you know that it goes beyond what the human mind can comprehend. Just encountering energy of another individual, your Twin Soul, sparks a Soul Awakening in you to rediscover your True Authentic Self. The Fuel for the need to change is Unconditional Love. The love that is shared between two Twin Souls is a formidable force of alchemical change.

There is truth to tapping into the power of the Spirituality of your being. Apart from the inner Peace, Bliss and Euphoria, you also feel a sort of confusion and inner turmoil that has no beginning or end because of the constant conflict between the heart and the mind but your Soul already is Home in love with your beloved.

You are right where you belong. No matter how painful it is to admit that truth and you must accept that that everything is alright if you just keep believing in yourself and what you feel inside your soul. Everything is how it is supposed to be. Just trust your inner knowing.

There is no judgement to how you would like to tackle your Twin Soul situation but I promise you that it just gets better once you Accept who you are by opening your heart to Love, unconditional love, and spiritual talents. This means accepting also that there is another human being who shares the same core energy vibration as you and it is okay to feel energetically attached to them. It is okay to think of them constantly through out the day and you will learn to live with it as time passes by because you will realise that you are already united in love.

I use the word “pain” to point you to specifically those emotions that will feel like blockages to your bliss and harmony in the connection. These blockages come in many forms; personal insecurity, low self esteem, jealousy, self doubt, anger, mistrust in yourself, apathy, constant guilt, regret and many pains. These bring me anxiety, unexplainable fear, doubt, restlessness, hopelessness, sadness, depression and numbness plus many more feelings that I would not know how to explain.

From my experience, being connected to my Twin Soul makes some of my low energy days bearable. I can just tune into our shared energy and busk in it. Sometimes, I can use it as my escape from my negative reality or situations that make me unhappy like the company of negative people who would lower my vibration. Sometimes it was just harder during the time I was cleansing my pain to get out of bed because I wanted to feel him continuously without doing anything else in the day.

I have to confess to you that I do not have the answers that you are looking for and in fact, you will realise half way that you are the Answer to Everything; all the doubts, the questioning and the confusion that you feel. This blog is not a Manual for you to live your life by, No! It is not a representation of any belief system or a Kind of Faith to follow. Most of all don’t compare yourself or your situation to mine because these are just words, circumstances and examples that I use to bring my own personal truth to Life.

Just use this blog to calm yourself down and understand that you are not alone out there going through this. This a spiritual experience that must be lived because that is what makes it Authentic and True. It can not be expected or mentally calculated as the mind does, it must be lived. You must experience it to know what it is right from the core of your being, your soul. This is why I call it a Spiritual Process.

These are my personal experiences which I have tried to bring together for You to have an insight into this Spiritual Soul Journey and hopefully to make yours more bearable than mine was. It is a very personal experience that only those who have experienced it or those who are in the process of experiencing it can relate to some of my examples.

It is not easy to fully articulate what really goes on in my heart, mind and soul everyday. My energy, thoughts and emotions keep graduating to a new kind of growth and the more I heal my past pain, the more my soul feels lighter and in tune with my Twin Soul making it a more harmoniously balanced connection between us. This is my daily goal to keep a positive vibration in my energy which strengthens the connection.

What you are experiencing right now is incomparable to any other person’s experience. Only you can absorb your energy, thoughts and emotions for yourself. You can choose to deny your experience or delay it but you are only accumulating more pain for the future you. Either way, the process is alchemical and it will transform you to become the most Authentic version of yourself.

Once initiated, the transformation is bound to happen soon or later whether you choose to ignore and run from your feelings or Accept to be absorbed by the fire of transformation from within your soul to be manifested in your physical life. Once the process is initiated, life changes for the best effortlessly on the outside.

My advice is, pick out what resonates with you in this journal to Keep moving a step forward to make your tomorrow better than yesterday. Like any other Journey, the Twin Soul journey is all about staying focused and staying in motion as you advance forward. There is no map to it or steps to follow, all you need is Faith in yourself, your connection and the journey. Sometimes it feels like there is no progress at all but just keep the trust that everything will turn out for your best. You will be totally transformed inside out and you will love it!

Self doubt has been one of my greatest challenges especially when I start thinking of negative thoughts over and over which zaps all my mental energy and brings an anxiety emotionally. If this happens, I automatically feel a gap or a blockage in the connection. My Twin Soul’s energy usually feels distant and sometimes repulsive once I get into a negative vibe. Every time I contacted him in a low energy state, he would automatically say that I made him uncomfortable and once I switched back to contacting him in a positive mood thanking him and being grateful, he would respond back with a positive response.

It is easy to feel frustrated, disappointed and doubtful everyday single day. Sometimes you feel like you have made a step forward in terms of healing, positivity and optimism and the next day feels like the opposite and your world can feel upside down. I am writing this journal for those who have searched and searched for relevant advice, information, guidance and comfort but still are looking for that personal closure from somebody who has experienced what you are feeling and going through right now.

I am no expert at spiritual guidance neither am I qualified to give you any professional advice concerning how you feel. I am just an individual, a simple human who understands that some Lessons in Life are better Learned by Experience. I have had my share of the Twin Soul Connection and still having it! I have heard stories of Twins going through this experience for decades and they are so inspiring.

I can not bear to Imagine myself going for decades without finding ways to connect with my and my determination is pushing me everyday to do the required soul work to harmoniously merge with my Twin physically. I am patiently waiting for this wonderful experience to happen because I know that it is my turn to experience and accept unconditional Love.

I have only experienced my Twin Soul Journey for only less than two years and what Motivated me to write this journal is Gratefulness. One, I have had quite a smooth Journey in relation to most of the stories I have read and heard during my search for answers. Two, I used to Believe that I was one of the unluckiest people in the World because of the pain that experienced in my past Life before I started the Twin Soul Journey especially during my childhood.

I had one of the roughest childhood, I never felt like I belonged in any place or to anyone and I did not have a guide or a guardian to hold my hand when I was a teenager or even becoming the Woman that I have become. So I am grateful for Who I am, for my Strength in this Life, and my Belief in My Twin Soul experience. Because of who I am, I have had the courage and strength to open my heart completely to the experience and no matter how doubtful I would get sometimes and get off track, I have managed to bring myself back to keep moving Forward in everything everyday.

The first lesson I learned was to stick to my inner knowing as a guide or compass when I was processing another person’s information. I could not let myself be confused by what I was reading and Instead I reflected on their information, compared and contrasted to mine without having to compare myself with them. We are Humans and all completely Unique with different ways and tactics to go about our challenges and goals daily.
This is my Spiritual Journal of my Twin Soul experience. I am now ready, strong and willing to openly share with you about what I went through. The Chaos, the Insanity and the Intensity of being connected to another soul without any of my control.

Use it to find comfort and strength to dig deeper into yourself so that the real Authentic You can emerge from the layers of personal judgement and doubt. Let it be your comfort when you are almost giving up which is so easy and let it be that Light when the days seem dimmer or darker.
This is a personal spiritual battle only you can win. The Twin Soul experience is about You, around You, within You and everything that You are. I wish You the Best of Luck!

Yours in Light,
Silvia Moon.

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