My Journey so far

After having experienced the Twin Flame Journey for three years, Silvia Moon is committed to inspiring other Twin Flames by sharing simple, practical, and inspirational self-help advice.

She is here to help any Twin Flame who needs a fresh perspective to embrace the stressful phases of the Twin Flame process.

After having gone through most of the phases of the Twin Flame journey, Silvia found healing and inner peace once she finally learned most of the lessons of unconditional love during the long physical separation phase from her Twin Flame.

She is hoping to be your guide as you compare and contrast your experiences with hers as you read her simple self-help books so that you can also find endless Bliss, Inner Harmony, Happiness, and your Authentic self by embracing Self-love.

Silvia understands your pain and confusion if you are new to the Twin Flame experience because she has been where you are. She shares her experiences of learning to embrace unconditional love and change to grow in every aspect of her life to live a life of Authenticity.

She also shares her tips on how she managed the separation phase from her Twin Flame by overcoming the obstacles that stood in the way of a harmonious reunion with her Twin Flames.

She finally managed to dissolve her marriage and Karmic ties to have a chance for a reunion with her Twin Flame.

Your Journey to Healing, Endless Bliss, and Unconditional Love Begins Today!

Yours in love and light.
Silvia Moon.

Stay Blessed!

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