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Why are twin flame runners vulnerable and open at the beginning, then act like it’s no big deal later down the line, after the initial bubble phase? 

I know what you mean: From my running experiences, the runner goes through a phase of aftershock. He or she does not believe what happened to them as if your love connection puts them in a high or a daze.

He or she does not believe that they could be that vulnerable. You feel exposed to your divine lover.

A Twin Flame walks into your heart and breaks down all your walls. If you were not used to feeling vulnerable .org feeling loved unconditionally, you completely shit down.

Life as you know it changes dramatically overnight. You go through a series of emotional cleansing.

Even though you are not Spiritual, you go through an accelerated Awakening.

You transform from the inside to the outside — your soul growth ripples into your life situation.

You manifest abundance and success because you’re shared energy is empowering. You are energized to pursue your wildest dreams.

Twin Flame Love is beautiful!

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How does my twin flame feel when I’m thinking about her?

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It is me, Silvia Moon – Twin Flame – Author <3 at Twin Flames (2018–present)11mo

It feels like my Twin Flame is asking this question. I knew right away that he was thinking of me yesterday. Here is how I felt.

  • Restlessness

I felt restless all day. I could not focus on doing meaningful tasks. All I could feel was him pulling me into the connection. I could not control the intense magnetic connection. Even though I did not want to think of him, I felt compelled to remember our memories. It is until I accepted to embrace the restlessness that I felt better.

  • Warm heart area sensations

I felt warm feelings of love coiling around my heart area. I felt consumed by his passion. All I did was reciprocate the emotions — I sent him love back into my heart. I took time off to meditate and think of his love and how safe I felt with him. I sent him love in the form of a prayer.

  • Mental conversations

I felt a quick energetic rush. I suddenly felt intensified telepathic communication with him. It felt as if he was sitting right next to me. We had random conversations in my mind. If someone has not met a Twin Flame yet, they would assume that I am delusional or crazy. The Twin Flame connection is a supernatural experience.


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How do I stop feeling powerless in my twin flame journey? I’ve tried everything in my power to let go, move on, shift the focus on myself, acceptance, But after a short time, my body will go into a full panic (Heart and chest ache) until I check.

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It is me, Silvia Moon – Twin Flame – Author <3 at Twin Flames (2018–present)Updated Feb 14

I know the energetic pull very well. It is more of a compulsion. I have been there many many times. Sometimes I would distract myself all day with all sorts of activities but then find myself pulled into thinking of him. Sometimes I would see something that reminded me of a memory of him.

I forced myself to surrender many times but I always felt as if I was running from myself. It felt as if I was blocking the connection.

Surrendering to self-love is not easy either. It is very challenging to grow the emotional muscle to focus on yourself when your Twin Flame is on your mind 24/7. Sometimes you live in a life situation where you don’t have enough time to focus on yourself. You could have children to take care of and support. You could be very busy at work all week.

I know this sounds like a cliché but no one will save you from feeling like this. Sometimes meeting a Twin Flame feels like an eternal curse. There is nothing you can do to change the nature of your bond. You are connected forever.

These simple tips helped me to stop feeling powerless:

  • Sit with your pain

Do not hide from it. Do not judge yourself for feeling it. Let it pass through Ulysses by accepting how you feel. Do not put up any resistance to it.

Suffering from your fears and insecurities is what allows you to build courage and perseverance.

Everything worthwhile in life is won through surmounting the associated negative experience. Any attempts to escape the negative, to avoid it or squash it or silence it, only backfire. The avoidance of suffering is a form of suffering. The avoidance of struggle is struggling. The denial of failure is a failure. Hiding what is shameful is itself a form of shame.

To achieve healing is to water down life’s most terrifying and difficult challenges and still take action.

  • Have a Positive Focus

You have to learn how to focus and prioritize your thoughts effectively. Learn how to pick and choose what does and what does not matter to you by honoring your choices and preferences. You have finely honed personal values to achieve results.

It takes a lifetime of practice and declines to achieve the results. You will regularly fail. But it is perhaps the most worthy struggle one can undertake in one’s life.

When you are struggling, you will see every adversity as an injustice, every challenge as a failure, every inconvenience as a personal slight, and every disagreement as a betrayal. You will be confined to your own petty, skull-sized hell. Burning with entitlement and bluster. Running in circles in circles of your feedback loop from hell. In constant motion yet arriving nowhere.

  • Be comfortable with being different

The journey always goes on. Then you hide your emotional pain, and you create a world of despair. You feel indifferent to the world and yourself. You hide in a gray, emotionless pit of your own making. You always feel self-pity perpetually distracting yourself from living life to the fullest.

Stay Blessed!


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How does the twin flame runner cycle work and why does it happen?

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I have learned two lessons about why the runner cycle exists. One, it exists to teach us that love is greater than the human condition. Twin Flame love is one of the greatest forces in the universe. Running from a twin flame is out of fear — you feel overpowered and disarmed. You feel vulnerable and exposed in every way. He or she sees right through you. So, running out of fear of love is a learning lesson: to learn to open up yourself to embrace unconditional love with yourself and your twin flame.

Running in essence is not the physical activity of leaving a twin flame. It has layers to it. When you analyze your running behaviors, you are running from yourself. You are running from parts of yourself that don’t accept unconditional love. When you feel unworthy of love, you automatically run from it. You don’t want to associate with anything that reminds you of the love that you are hiding from — including your twin flame.

It takes a while to embrace parts of ourselves that we think are unlovable. Self-love is the beginning f healing. It is indeed the greatest revolution.

I hope that my perspective helps you. Stay Blessed!


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What advice do you have for a twin flame chaser?

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My advice is simple: This helped me to feel better.

  • You are your own best friend

If you have been chasing your Twin Flame, you know that no matter how much you contact him or her, the pain does not go away. You have to accept that whatever chaotic emotions you are feeling are because of the pain that you carry within. You have to first fix yourself. There is a good reason why being separated from Twin Flames hurts you. Love exists to heal you and not to make you frustrated. You have to break down all the walls that you have built against love.

  • Embrace a life of solitude

Every authentic Twin Flame will tell you that a Twin Flame encounter is not all about having a physical relationship. It is much deeper than that. Matter of fact, once you separate from a Twin Flame, your perspective of love, relationships, sex, and intimacy changes. You gain a new appreciation for falling in love. Your Twin Flame also spoils having connections with a non-Twin Flame.

Being celibate after meeting a Twin Flame is not by choice. It just happens to you. So, embrace it!

  • Do not look for outside validation

It is okay to research your Twin Flame condition. It is not okay to try to make other people justify how you feel. You already know how you feel within.

Be guided by your intuition — trust the connection that you feel. Believe in the bond that you share. Believe in the authenticity of your connection because only you understand what is going on.

It is worse when you look for answers from people who are not going through the Twin Flame experiences. You will be regarded as obsessive. Crazy. Unhinged. Desperate. Etc.

  • Last but not least — Ground yourself in your Twin Flame energy

This was the most difficult thing for me to do but once I got a hang of it, my life changed magically.

Grounding in your energy begins with accepting how you feel. Your old life will never come back — you will forever be changed alchemically.

The encounter changes you psychologically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

One truth that is common to every Twin Flame is that you feel a rise in your energetic vibrations once you merge. You feel like your energy is not yours — like you downloaded into each other.

You must learn to preserve your energy: surround yourself with positive vibes. Spend time alone to meditate. Meditating heals you. Bring inner harmony to you. Meditation also improves your telepathic abilities.

Stay Blessed!