Are you new to the Twin Flame Experience? Are you looking for a fresh perspective? Are you looking for genuine relevant Twin Flame information? You are in the right place. These are real experiences of a real Twin Flame.


Have I finally started ascending as a twin flame chaser? I still miss my twin but every day is beautiful in my own little world I’ve created. I find people are drawn to my energy as well. I want to hear other people’s ascension experiences/ symptoms!

I also reached a point when I did not care about what he doing over there. I learned to preserve my inner peace and keep a good vibration. This phase happened naturally to me. I stopped feeling like a chaser or runner. I just settled within myself. Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy for Beginners It is […]

When undergoing a twin flame journey without your knowing what’s happening to you, how will this come to your knowledge that it’s a twin flames journey?

The dramatic changes that take over your life already alert you that your encounter triggered everything. You keep wondering why your Twin Flame affects you the way they do. You know deep in your soul that he or she is special. You believe you have a bond because you feel connection deeper with him or […]

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