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Can a Twin Flame Runner be happy in a Karmic relationship after they attempt to hide from the connection?

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When the runner Twin Flame initially runs from the connection, he or she does not realize the spectrum of the intensity of Twin Flame love. The emotional confusion that a Twin Flame bond brings is experienced by both Twin Flames. —> Twin Flame Runner Traits

The Twin Flame separation phase can be expanded by the obstacles standing in the way of a harmonious relationship but the bond can not be severed. Every day after you meet a Twin Flame becomes about your connection, the experiences, and longing for a union.

You can try to resist how you feel. You can find exotic ways to disguise the longing for a Twin Flame — the energetic share increases in intensity every day. You feel the love connection within your heart. You feel warm feelings of euphoria, and you feel your Twin Flame’s essence with you all the time.

It is always awkward when the subject of dating other people during the separation phase comes up. It is such a very uncomfortable topic to confront. —>The Pain of Chasing a Married Twin Flame.

When a runner is dating others, he or she is haunted by the Twin Flame connection. You feel the authenticity of the connection. You also know that no matter where you run to, you cannot deny the truth of your feelings. You have an inner knowing that your Twin Flame is the one. You feel accepted and acknowledged when you are together. You feel safe. You know that your Twin Flame is your home.

When you are separated from a Twin Flame, you are plagued by the fear of losing him or her. You also wonder if they will ever return. Each waking day, the separation pushes you further apart. Even though you try to fix the situation as a chaser, every effort you make to bring your Twin Flame back tends to push him or her further away. —> Twin Flame Separation Tips

You meet people who resemble your Twin Flame. Sometimes you will be attracted to him or her because they have the same aura. Once the excitement of meeting someone who resembles your Twin Flame wears off, you feel a void within you only Twin Flame love can fill.

The obsession usually wears off when your Twin Flame sends a message to you or makes a phone call. You learn that the Twin Flame connection is authentic; You cannot replace the feelings for a Twin Flame by dating someone else who looks like them.

I asked a friend that I kind of like to go with me to an art exhibition next week. The moment he said yes, I regretted asking him. I was plagued by a series of questions like, what if I make him fall in love with me yet I cannot love him as much as I love my Twin Flame?

I felt guilty for asking him out. I felt like I am cheating on my Twin Flame connection.
I know that if I started dating someone new, I would still think of my Twin Flame every second of the day the way I do. I also believe it is unfair to anybody that I date. I will still have the emotional affair with my Twin Flame.

I cannot dissolve the connection or detach myself from the bond. It feels impossible to move on from him. I feel my Twin Flame in my blood.

I also learned that the new guy that my friends introduced to me has certain aspects of his personality that resemble my Twin Flame. Perhaps I found him interesting because he reminds me of how my Twin Flame makes me feel.

Another lesson that I learned is that I can’t look another person in the eyes. I do not feel the magnetic attraction that I have with my Twin Flame. I feel like I will be betraying my soul if I let anybody else see me the way my Twin Flame does.

I am afraid that any connection that I forge with anyone who is not my Twin Flame is not as authentic. I know that I will only be misleading others if I pretended to love them the way I love

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