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Can a Twin Flame Runner move on from the connection and marry someone else?

Your Twin Flame runner can find someone else, marry them, and even make a family with them after you are physically separated. 

You have no control over your Twin Flame’s behavior. More so, you have no control over the process of your Twin Flame journey.

It is very sad when some Twin Flames meet in this life. They are not meant to have a physical relationship because not every Twin Flame couple is meant to have a physical relationship. 

In this instance when Twin Flames are not destined to end up together in a relationship as romantic partners, your Twin Flame triggers you to awaken to yourself. You go through the invigorating Spiritual transformation process.

For some Twin Flames who are meant to be romantic partners in this lifetime, no matter how much difficulty they face during their physical separation phase, they always find a way back to each other.

Other Twin Flames who are afraid of embracing the change that Twin Flame encounter brings to grow and transform into their authentic selves, always end up going through endless cycles of running and chasing. You go through prolonged phases of physical separation until both partners embrace every aspect of their journey.

Your Twin Flame runner can choose to ignore you, resist the connection, and move on with their life in a new relationship with someone else. Nothing can change the unconditional love they feel for you. 

Resisting the Twin Flame love is the most excruciating moment of your life because no matter what you both do, nothing changes the intensity of the love connection that you feel for each other in your hearts.

 As a Twin Flame chaser, you always assume that your Twin Flame runner is happy with someone else because they seem to have found happiness in a new relationship. That is not the case.

Your Twin Flame is also haunted by thoughts of you daily and they have a deep desire to be close to you.

From my experience of being temporarily a runner in Twin Flame, you never stop thinking of your Twin Flame every second of the day, if you block out thoughts of them, you feel the connection eating at you because of the Soul intimacy that you share.

You always feel your Twin Flame sending you feelings of love when they are thinking of you and when they miss you, you feel your Twin Flame’s longing for you in form of heartache or emotional pain. 

The Twin Flame runner always feels the connection as much as the Twin Flame chaser does.

Sometimes you get physical heartaches because of the intense shared energy of Oneness and if you try to ignore the connection within, the process of the energetic share with your Twin Flame interferes with your emotional state which affects your mood swings and emotional well-being. 

Your emotional state affects how you relate with the people around you and it also affects those who rely on you for emotional support like your new karmic relationship and family members if you have children.

The Twin Flame runner suffers the most during the physical separation phase because of the tendency to deny unconditional love and the Twin Flame connection altogether. 

The inner resistance that you feel like a runner in Twin Flame is very challenging to deal with because you are constantly thinking of how to block the connection and ignore your Twin Flame instead of focusing on how to move on with your life.

If your Twin Flame partner is chasing you, you are constantly finding clever ways to avoid them. This means that you are constantly thinking of them because the Twin Flame experience takes over your life once you acknowledge each other.

Sometimes memories of the initial encounter catch you by surprise and you start reminiscing about the fun time that you had while you were together during the bubble love phase.

You also keep comparing your new karmic partner’s behavior to how your Twin Flame treated you during your initial encounter. This is because no love is as authentic as Twin Flame love, and it is only your Twin Flame who can reciprocate it and fill the void that you feel.

Your dreams are filled with your Twin Flame because the souls do not understand the physical separation. You dream of your Twin Flame whether you like it or not and the energetic share is always intensely felt.

When you encounter your Twin Flame, you are triggered into a Soul Awakening phase where you feel the energetic merge with them. You continuously feel the energy of Oneness with your Twin Flame until you learn to balance yourself from within to feel and act as one single energetic unit.

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