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Can the Twin Flame runner cut ties with their Twin Flame?

But, they do not disappear — they stay in the background of your life; for example, your Twin Flame can indirectly keep stalking your social media to stay updated with your Life by creating a fake profile.
You may live your life thinking that your Twin Flame is gone from you but they never forget you; they think of you all the time in the same way you think of them. Your Runner Twin Flame thinks of the first day they found you, and the last day they left you.
Your Runner Twin has euphoric moments of inspiration and sadness as you do.

Your Runner Twin Flame wants to get back with you; every day every time.
It is very difficult for the runner to be separated from their Twin Flame counterpart, it is very difficult to handle separation time because of the intense feelings of desire.
Sometimes as a runner, you assume that denying your reality can fix things by distracting yourself but nothing ever seems to let you forget your Twin Flame.

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