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Twin Flame connection is a natural part of you that cannot be severed or disconnected because you are your Twin Flame in essence.

You also feel your Twin Flame within you if you are sleeping at night; you also get intense dreams when you dream of your Twin Flame because the energetic share feels real. If your Twin Flame appears in your dreams, it all feels like they are physically present with you.


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Even though I am married and hiding from my Twin Flame, I can feel a Telepathic love connection to my Twin Flame. How is this possible?

Soul intimacy makes it possible for Twin Flame couples to feel each other in different unique ways to bridge the gap between them during the physical separation phase.


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You cannot doubt that a Twin Flame loves you because you feel connected emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

When you are physically together during the initial encounter, the look in their eyes affirms to you that they feel the same that you do. But once you separate, you are haunted by thoughts of them.

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You feel nostalgic remembering the sweet memories that you shared, and you get high on the good euphoric feelings that your Twin Flame brings to you every time you think of them.

Because of the soul oneness, you cannot only feel your love energy, but you also can have a unique form of telepathic communication.

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